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Heart Shaped Games

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Recent community posts Thanks for organizing.

Thank you, so glad you like it. Thanks for playing.

The operating system should not be limiting. You can play directly within your browser here, or at Http://

Hi WreckinPoints,

Thanks a lot for playing. The game is setup such that you have a Gold starter deck, and then can unlock a Forest starter deck after the 4th mission. The crystal faction does require slightly more play time to acquire as a free player., but there are a lot of ways to get what you need. The campaign awards you with specific cards from all 3 factions, including resource producers. You can use the free gems earned from quests to get the units you need from the Starter Bundle in the shop, or less reliably from the booster packs. Finally, you can use the Crafting Menu from within the Deck Editor, in order to exchange any extra units for ones you don't have. I hope that helps!

Hi everyone,

I just released a short but heart-felt vignette about an elderly couple, inspired by my late grandparents. I created it for the small audience that is my immediate family, but I think others may appreciate it to. It takes 3-5 minutes to experience. 

Thanks for checking it out. Link (free):

Lovely! Really well done.

Really love the presentation and structure, well done.

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Thank you! Glad you're enjoying it