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i left u a comment on YT, but ill leave another here, my son is having a blast with this game, great work! and thanx for the tutorials on VR dev, you got me into a new rabbit hole of game dev i never thought i would venture into lol!

as a thank you, I would like to offer you my newest low poly asset pack of characters (, if you are interested, please contact me on discord ( or on here if easier, thanx!!

lol all good friend! you;ve done great work so far, very interesting project!

I know its been a while, but im back! feel free to come back to my new discord if you like! Hope u are doing well!

not gonna lie, this looks frickin awesome! nice work thus far :)

Welcome to City Zero! A small town that was the unwitting participant in a botched government experiment.

Over a period of weeks, the towns people were secretly exposed to an airborne chemical that is designed to make the person "less Intelligent"  with the hope that the "infected" people,  will be less likely to question authority. and follow directions without question.

Well, it worked, a little too good. Now we have a town overrun with mindless zombies! 

There are a few folks that appear to be immune to the chemical and now they are left cowering in fear for their lives. 

It is your job to go in and rescue as many of them as possible and to kill as many zombies as you like! 

Also, one of the scientists that was secretly working in the city fled so fast he left behind a bunch of important briefcases full of secret information! If you could collect them as well, we'd be very pleased!

By the way, did I mention you are on a time limit?? Good luck!

This game is also a submission for the Halloween Game Jam found here -   #officialhorrorvideogames #horrorvideogames

And  the "Let's Make A Game!" Jam found here - .


***** This is the demo version, so only 1 character is playable and only easy difficulty available for now! ***** 

(Game is still under development, so expect bugs! or not, who knows?? :))

Your opinions are very much appreciated, so leave a comment and let me know what is good bad or ugly! I would really like to get as much feedback as possible, as I would like to continue developing this game, but I need your input to help me along! Thank you!!! :)

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Hey everyone! My new Modular pack for Unity 3D is now available, Come check it out if that is something you are looking for!

it has dozens and dozens of models, prefabs, textures etc.. I have spent A LOT! of time getting this pack to the current state it is in, I hope some of you will help support me and give it a try! I will be adding more to the pack as time goes on and price may be adjusted to reflect that, so maybe take advantage of the current price of $6 Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you over on my page! 

P.S. There is a free demo scene to download so you can see the assets in a level setting!

I have just released my small pack of turrets, 4k pbr textures. Great for any game! Come get them now while the price is right!

Thanks for stopping by!


thanks so much for a nice review! you are right about the input, I knew wasd moved player a well, so the anims will respond to that input as well! Thanks very much for playing my game!!

good work

nice artwork, i like it :)

place any questions or comments here, I will reply as soon as i can, Thanks!

hey, that was pretty fun! I like the feel of how the van handles! Keep up the good work!!

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Hey everyone! Just would like to share the release of my latest game "Crack the Code" with you all! It is a puzzle type game that has you guessing a secret code by placing colored pieces in the same spots you think the cpu placed theirs. Simple but fun game.

The game is currently available for PC and Android(no android tv support ATM.)

This is a fun and addictive game I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks and have fun. :)


thanks jupi! I will take a look

Very, very good job! Everything worked smooth and as expected(except the level loader)This was a creative take on 2 very popular old games, very good combination! Hope you stick around for the next jam!

Hey Thanks for participating in the jam! I like your entry, interesting gameplay you chose.  The control of the ship was a bit counter intuitive for me, but I'm a bit backwards myself ;) Maybe have the ship steer with the mouse? Any way great job, I hope you join the next one too! :)

Great work on this game! Simple controls, and nice sounds! Thanks for taking the time to participate :)

Hope we can do more again soon!

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Hey everyone! Thanks to all who played CockaDoodle Crossing!

I Have uploaded the updated game, try it out leave, me a comment thanks.

Updates v02;

Chicken moves faster

Score values changed from 15(just a random number I used before) to 1 point per crossing.

Difficulty increased(I.E.. faster Traffic )(maybe too hard now??) need more feedback from you!

Sound levels slightly increased.

Levels renamed.

No more slow loading times(fade screen removed) game starts much faster now.

anything else I forgot to mention, will be added as it comes to me! Thanks for reading!


Welcome to the group!! It's very nice to have you aboard. 

Thats why I made this jam, I am still learning lots myself, and I want others to create and learn in their game building process.

If you haven't already, come join us on Discord, you can share your progress or get some help from others!

Thanks for joining, hope you stick around!

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Hey, I just uploaded my entry for NESMaker Hype Jam! It is made using NES restrictions(colors, controls, etc..) It is a survival/strategy game, You control a boy who has been left behind by his brother, your job is to navigate your way to home, while collecting food to stay alive, as every move you make burns energy that needs replacing! Collect coins and other items along the way to boost your score, How many points can you get?

Come give it a try! Thanks! :)