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Haunted Tie

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Thank you!

Thank you for this game, was fun to do (how did I die 4 times in that game? xD)

For sure and it will be awesome! 

Hey guys, good game! My best score for the moment is 25!

You're welcome!
TY, for the makey makey game, We need to fix it ... It is still at its gam jam stage!

Hello everyone!

We are Haunted Tie, a belgian team. We’re on Itch since “stunfest 2015”(a french video game event), but absorbed by our main project, we didn’t take time to introduce ourselves.
We are making games and comics.
We really like Itch as a place to share creation and discover a lot of original productions.

You forgot to put the data folder I think

*Chuchotte* La sauce mystère, la sauce mystère...

I think you forgot to upload the data folder

Funny game, nice graphics.
Is freeze on kill is on purpose? If yes remove it ;)
We can choose the same color twice.
There's no reward on kill so player can wait until others lose their lives.

Hi, thank you for the feedback. We will in a near future re-add the option to do that. When the main menu will be back with new skin and new options.

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Thank you for the feedback.

You are lucky, we just uploaded a new version correcting the bugs you are talking about and some other stuff. (You must redownload it of course)

The score can still be broken for other reason, we will fix that later.

Hope you'll enjoy your week end!

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Here is a (non exhaustive) list of already known bugs that will be corrected in the future.

  • Using other resolution ratio than 16:9 can produce horizontal teleport problem
  • Glomorf can go trough walls
  • ...

Haunted Tie

Hello players,

To make Domiverse the real ultimate one hit brawler, we need comments (good and bad) about the game.

If you have any bug, if you hate a character, if you think the balance of the game has been made by a retarded ape, do not hesitate to leave a post!

We will do our best to improve Domiverse, but remember, it is still in early access, so don't be too hard.

Thank you

Haunted Tie