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npthing happens when i execute it

exe dont work

that is a thing that only happens on HTML version

for some misteryous reason, HTML interpret that character COMPLETELY different from anything, it should have been an space

and no, i will not fix that

how much upgrades do you want?

me: YES

my resolution is prerry weird: 1360x768

btw i use an TV

ho, that was my seccond experience on godot too

you updated something but nothing happens either

can you send me a screenshot?

some of my dreams are very weird, in fact, i only started making games cause i dream of one (unfinished) game


goobert is such a good boy

put the game on rar instead of zip so the itch app can recognize it and can be downloaded and executed.

zip files are meant to be used as html games

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i know how to shoot, but i cannot shoot down

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you bounce the wall???(eazy cheese, i just go on a corner and win eazly)

and remove the metallic property from the floor so it doesn’t reflect another color other than real black

when i open the exe nothing happens

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the first screen don't show any text

the portal don't work

if the portal worked i will play more, i like it

how to shoot down?

how to shapeshift?

it is an okay game, with no objectives to do, and the shapeshift is not clear

for me it is okay

the platforms are a bit strange cause i don't know when i can stand on then

Unable to parse Build/! This can happen if build compression was enabled but web server hosting the content was misconfigured to not serve the file with HTTP Response Header "Content-Encoding: br" present. Check browser Console and Devtools Network tab to debug.

ho my  gaw such a good game

silly little me to not know how much HP my monster have and not be careful on how much the game won't tell.

not pleasant to play

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broken when played by the app

meio complicadinho

mo bom

entrarão na minha casa e pararão de funcionar a versão web

einstein 2

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ho, the furry fish.

this was my first finished game, the movespeed was intentional, so you really feel the progression.

i don't know how to program the multiple things, maybe in the next game(cause i will not upgrade this game)of this type i will do that.

TY for rating all of the games in that jam.

get gud

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yeah...i did not see the oxygen window that the things can block you

ho my gaw, this is soo good.

i want more of this.

one of the best games of this jam. made the song?


it just crashed

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soo messy

i want more, this bubblish mechanic is soo cool

i really like this.

do you pretend to expand it?