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This was super cool! Really enjoyed it. I can definitely see myself coming back and playing through it again, I really should be using more items.

Ah OK. I get it now. The exact same verbiage made me thing is was unintentional. I would prepend the "Who would say such a thing".

There's a down 3 that has the wrong description? Should "

Please, I lost my precious insignificant thing, and it's on the other side of the massive open-world map! Will you get it for me?" be something like "What you sign to keep your mouth shut?"

Very excited to hear that, looking forward to the full release of Pictris!

As someone who wants to make a Tetramino based title for a test run, stumbling upon this and your channel has been amazing. Thank you so much for this neat game!

I got stuck on the signal download screen. Could not get the dials to work right, no idea what I needed the numbers to be. Also can't see the screen while adjusting the numbers.

Was kinda shocked by all the audio assets being from HL2.

The keyboard commands feel out of place and uncomfortable.

I can definitely vibe with the design choices.

Seems like this has potential and has a lot of work put into it so far.


On top of what everyone says here, I love that I can click on an enemy and still just directly enter the solution without clicking back.

This is so incredibly creative and fun. Great job!

I love roguelikes so much. So so much. Custom soundtrack, great visuals, mode with no timer. What's there not to like?

Lovely RPG style quiz!

Pretty cool stuff. Wish I could fullscreen, feels really small in the window.

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Having major issues with the mouse being overly sensitive or not enough. It skips around the screen.

The game will soft-lock if you do not solve the first puzzle correctly on the first try.

The walking sound-effect persists when you pause if you're still walking.

Really neat atmosphere.

This one rocks my socks.