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Hi fellow gamers &  gamedevs,

                       How you Doing?I want to tell you about my game called Moga Moga which is fun economic role playing which your goal is to become biggest tycoon in the slap town. I have developed a demo/game which is little bit similar to the Moga Moga which you can try at: this will give you an idea how game will work.Here is link to game page:
Here is small list of things which you can do inside the game:

  1. Mining
  2. Woodcutting
  3. Fishing
  4. House Buying
  5. Farming + Buying Farms

You can openly leave your suggestion in comment section or discussion board  which you want me to put inside the game.

here are some screenshots:

Above is mine and you can see back of character.

Above is park here you can see front of the character

Hello Gamers !

  I want to tell you about my new game called "Slap The Tycoon"  It is an role playing game (RPG) in which your job is to become successful tycoon. here are many things you can do in game :

  • Buying House
  • Rowing Boat
  • Fighting
  • Farming
  • Maze
  • Treasures

I hope you would like to give it a try:


Click on me to download!

nice graphics