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Thanks :D

Thanks, I'm really glad you liked it.

Thanks man :D

Wow that's really weird, you should always be able to change gravity. That's definitely a bug. Thank you for let me know.

Very nice. A little hard to get the idea, but once you understand it everything make sense. Congratulations.

I really love it. The art is amazing and the game is really fun to play. Oh and the music tight everything together so well. Great job.

Oh thank you. I'm glad you liked. I'll be updating the game to a full release as soon as possible :)

Thank you very much. I'm really happy you liked. The feedback was great, I'll consider this for next updates for sure. 

Every time I try to talk to someone I get a message that the time is up and I have to point out the killer, so I haven't been able to play much. But I really like the look of it and the idea is great. Congratulations.

Very good game. It's a nice puzzle and a lot of fun. Congratulations.

Nice, it was interesting.

Nice game. The art is great and the music really fit the game. Congratulations.

Really nice, amazing art. The game feels really great.

Nice game. I was really surprised by the submarine part, I wasn't expecting it.

Nice game, the art is amazing and have a good system to find information. I got stuck for a while not understanding where should I drag clues. But besides that everything was ok. Great job.

Very good. I like how simple and clear it is to find clues and put them together. The score at the end was nice.

What an amazing art. Great song as well. So good.

It was so fun. Amazing art, great story and the investigation is really engaging. The desk got a bit confuse by the end having so many things, I lost some evidences there. Would be nice to be able to organize the items. Some information was not clear and I had to try brute force. Maybe some information might have more clues, but it might have just been me.

I really liked. I love this kind of logic problems.

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Thank you very much :D

Hahahaha thanks XD

Man, this game is amazing. I really liked the vibe, the music is great and the art perfect. I really liked the hint system. Congratulations.

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Yeah I'm still checking every now or then. Thank you for playing and for speedrunning it. You caught me by surprise, I loved it hahahhaha

Verry cool. The graphics are amazing and it's well written.

Thank you. I'll update the game soon fixing some of these problems :)

Good point. I'll add those in an future patch. Thank you :D

Thanks man!

Thank you man :D

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it :D

I like it. Would be nice to have a relaxing song and the character maybe dancing during the game. Amazing particles by the way.

Thank you, so nice to read this :D

Thank you. I'm glad to hear it :D

Oh thanks. I really glad that you like it. I'm planning to add more levels soon :D

Very addictive, I really like it.

Thank you. I glad you liked it :D

Very cool game, great ambience

Thank you, I really glad you liked it :D

Hey, thank you. My first update will solve a lot of screen issues and I'll add an options menu so the player can set the resolution they want. Thanks for the tip, probably it will solve a lot of things XD.

I'm glad you liked :D

Nice idea making the monster growing up