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<3 Happy for you

A Sisyphus meme? Really?
The game itself isn't all that, but the story of good ol' Sisyphus ain't either.  So overall, this an accurate representation of me trying to learn GDscript.

I'm so proud of you!! <3

Great game, love the visuals!

i give up.

any chance you'll add multiplayer? pretty please?

please add co-op, that'd be pretty awesome, I think..

great entry, just wish the controls were more responsive

this is pretty cool, but multiplayer when?

thats awesome! now add co-op


just mp would be awesome

Not to my knowledge and I wouldn't recommend beating it rn because there are still some new things that we want to add that could enhance the experience.

Very solid game, just missing some visual/audio feedback and think the difficulty should increase slowly rather than instantly bombarding you with customers and products.

Again, really sorry for how "bare bones" this is, really wish we could've done more in the time frame we had. Hope to make it up in a post-jam update, which should fix most problems and add more. I like the puzzle idea, but you are just a bus driver driving from Tucson to Vegas. So there won't be any mystery, but we'll try to add some fun distractions to keep you distracted from the boring ride to Vegas, and make it feel more alive.

Description has been updated, really sorry for the unfinished game. Wish we had more time to make it. It was supposed to be a sort of "twist" on Penn & Teller's "Desert Bus" but just came out as just a clone of it, due to time limitations (nothing to do with trijam's time limit)

Yeah, apologies for the bugs. 3 Hours is quite restraining as you would guess, and this was one of those things that were basically last minute. So the line will be broken until after the jam.

you can just shoot them down if you haven't tried that

Good idea, but the ingredients are all far too small and hard to hit on PC
Graphics are minimal its only the ingredients and UI.
Overall I think its good, but the gameplay loop is far too short and repetitive.

Yeah i really wish i could've implementing a system like in warioware where the games start off slow but slowly get faster and faster as you learn them, but i hit the construct 2 event limit and couldn't do much else.

Thanks, it really means a lot. I will probably make a second game with new features and enemies since it was quite fun making this one!

It's best to use the least amount of bullets possible in that level

If anybody cares, there's a 4th one now 

You have to escape a canyon or smth.