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I noticed it, but it happens way too slow and by the time it happens we are already set. There should be some advantage for the enemy which keeps challenging us in the time.

Oh ok. Makes sense. I am big fan of games around randomness in games. I loved the gameplay.

Nice mechanic. But once set, there is no reason to play.

Nice idea. But even in hard mode, i felt the maze could be solved without using jump at all. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a jump mechanic in my opinion.

Nice puzzle

No linux native version available in the zip. And on wine , the game bugs out.

Too easy to die.. The game's initial levels needs to be easier. 
Also i dont see where the rolling the dies concept comes in..

But fun gameplay.

Game is getting stuck when i tried to combine 2 dice

This is probably the first game, i was upset that i accidentally finished it. I thought i never would be able to help the fox climb to the peak. Also probably the first game, where i unlocked an ability after finishing the game lol.

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Demo is super brilliant. Getting Zachtronics vibes. Awesome game.