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I think this is the ending you are trying to get. This is the most difficult ending to get.

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Glad you enjoyed the game.

There should be 6 or more valid evidence in order to enable that event where you write the name of the suspect.

There are different endings in the game, and to fully understand and get the "Write the Suspect" Route, you'll have to finish the other ending first.

To use Full Screen, press Alt+Enter/Return.

Please take note that it is also Case sensitive. ;)

Have a good day!

Download Link Updated. :)

How come you finished it and still stuck?

Good day!

I have now added the trailer/sample to the game page.


People went missing...

And you are a police officer that was tasked to solve the mystery. Interact and investigate the surroundings and unravel the secrets in the residence of Ellios family.

If you want a real mystery, solving game, this game is for you.



Camouflage is a Mystery RPG game with the main objective to solve a mystery 'Case'. You are a police officer who seeks evidences to reveal the suspect.

The game revolves around the residence of the Ellios' family where an old man was suspected to get lost and never be found. The couple who owns the house was missing with their son. There were no evidences that there was theft nor homicide.

Together with Ruth, Saim, Brick, and Hector-four investigators tasked to solve this case with you, unfold the story behind and decide what ending is to end the game.


Hello guys, 

I have been looking for like-minded people. People who wants to increase their portfolio, gain more experience, and someone dedicated and as well as someone who sees the Big Picture.

There would be small payment because of limited funds we have.

The game would be a sequel/remake of the mystery, rpg-- Camouflage game.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.

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The teddy bear black out has been fixed! XD