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i guess you could download it through the itch desktop app? i used to have a download of the html file available, can't remember why i took it offline though

okay, it works for me on chrome... not much i can do about it if i cant replicate it. might be something in your browser settings but i wouldnt know!

lol alright. are you playing in the browser or through the itch dektop app? i believe the desktop app has trouble playing sound for web games.

turn up the volume or something idk...



almost?! i gotta try harder

youre literally the first person who posted a comment on this page in 4 years of existence what the hell

no engine! just html pages, styled with css… and 3 lines of javascript for the text replacement stuff.

ive said this in the comments of fog and sea lol but i really do love your writing style. it's very evocative and visual and enjoyable to read! 

thinking about this idea of the "you" when you're creating something and the "you" after you're done being someone else, perhaps because the act of creating itself is a learning, growth process even though sometimes it doesnt feel like it....

i love the list at the end lol especially the last point but you already knew that bc im pretty sure i said it already on discord lmfao!!! i also like the bit about how people will always be looking for meaning, even if you dont intend for it... which is so fun!

for what its worth i think your voice comes through a lot in your work! and i cant wait for its amplification as you keep making art... it's exciting!

and no, you didn't waste my time at all

LOL maybe i wrote too much

slime good... i like the second manifesto but a lot of it is bc i agree with the little sentences >:) and the third one also rocks. here's to nascent, hopeful optimism despite it all. i like the way the three parts flow into each other, but i also wrote a three-part manifesto so maybe it's just that i like when things come in threes.

im glad you kept the preamble thing at the end... i agree with the idea of a manifesto, or any piece of assertive writing really, being kind of a snapshot of a period of your life. which makes it automatically interesting imo. looking back at this stuff is what makes having a documented body of work fun.

it also made me think about myself in my early 20s. i graduated design school at 20 and directly went into working full time and ive already talked about this elsewhere so im not gonna go into it lol but i also had this moment of thinking about growth and how little of it i felt i did, and where i am with my life, being extremely frustrated with it. it took a few years after that for me to feel like a real person.

all this to say... im very excited for future billy. and current billy too! despite everything, i think things are going to better because, like you said, it has to.

yes… ha ha ha… YES!

really love how characterful your writing is, at times funny, at times enigmatic, at times contemplative... and always good.

i like the snippets of the main character's past life and death we get a glimpse of when talking to Fog and Sea, makes me want to know more and yet the restraint that doesnt spill too much is perfect for this dreamy little game!

and of course the art is beautiful. great work!

thank you! 

i processed all the images through!

my favourite dither algorithm in there is atkinson it looks very nice.

its not really meant to be cute if thats something youre worried about for some reason

dark souls text Dirt Eaten

hey GlitchedGod!

this tool is a slightly more complex version that allows you to use different audio files for different rooms and such, and you can toggle looping as well...

but if you're using just one track in your game, the add bitsy audio tool ( is still what i'd recommend and I'm pretty sure it does make the audio loop!

either way, getting a basic understanding how audio works in html might be even more helpful: 

in the second link there you'll see that you can add attributes to a html tag including "loop" or "autoplay" etc.
in my code for Under a Star Called Sun here's how both those tags are implemented in the <body>:

<body onload='startExportedGame()'>
    <body onload='startExportedGame()'>
    <audio loop="loop" autoplay="autoplay">
             <source src="music.wav">
    <!-- GAME CANVAS -->
    <canvas id='game'></canvas>
i guess what you can do is make sure the loop attribute is in your <audio> tag? it's hard to know where the problem comes from without seeing your code so this is the extent of how i can help for now.

fuck yeah

i'll poke the Going Down Swinging folks about it, not much i can do on my end.

you can still play the game without having to interact with the AR bits, there's no extra text or whatever so you really wouldn't be missing that much!
it's just a static image superimposed on the game screen

ohhh thats so cool! 

there are some hacks involved yes! the most prominent one is the dialogue choice hack, and theres probably some others that i usually include like transparent sprites and such...

anyway hacks are available here:

and for the music im pretty sure i used candle's bitsymuse tool:

say hi to the glacier! i miss the mountains

i was talking about this with some peers but are you maybe using the itch desktop app to play games? apparently audio on web games are broken on there.


refreshing does the trick with music i think? but most people dont have this problem so i really cant help you. i did upload the music here if you wanna listen to it:

thank you so much!

also that title sounded familiar to me and i do remember i watched the movie adaptation of it a few years ago. completely forgot about it... and now i want to rewatch/read the book

if you’re talking about the final quote it’s actually from a movie! 

you can watch it on the internet archive:

thank you!

apologies for taking my time with the reply!

for adding extra colours to a palette in bitsy:

for adding extra colour to a single sprite, i've superimposed tiles by combining extra layers (by pressing Shift to see the grid and adding a sprite on an upper level) and fiddling with each tile/sprite's 3D settings window, you'll find that using the "transform" settings with "children" allows you to do a lot of cool stuff.

it's been a while since i made this game so im sorry if this explanation^ is unclear, i suggest you take a look at the game build (which i've just made available to download) and see what kind of horrible sorcery ive done in there.

click on "run elegy" button, then use wasd or arrow keys. it's in the description.

you need to be more specific here

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in the editor, go into the "download" tab and click the "download game" button! let me know if you need more help. :)

thank you! also the 3rd QR code is fixed now :)

thanks! i'll look into making the QR codes easier to scan hmm, cheers for letting me know!

hoping to slip in more parts of melbourne in my games as i make more...!

i really appreciate you taking the time to clarify your previous comment, i definitely read it in a negative way (perhaps even more than you had intended). i now understand what you mean a lot more, thank you for this!

totally fair to feel that the game wasn't for you! it's a bit out there and admittedly deliberately written to be poetic and somewhat ambiguous.

i have a lot to learn still...

thank you mint, and i do wish you all the best also.

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i think this might be the worst comment ive ever received, congrats

thank you for sharing this! 

although the story i tell in this game is quite bittersweet, in real life i ended up moving to a city where a lot of my oldest tumblr friends lived and they’re now my irl friends! 

it’s wild to think these are people i’ve known for a decade. because i moved around a lot i never had “lifelong” friends for the longest time, and the internet ended up becoming the constant.

there’s a lot of friends from the tumblr days that i dont talk to every day per se but we still keep in touch and chat when we feel like it. i really like those friendships too!

not all my internet friendships worked out, sometimes it was my fault and sometimes it wasnt. but i still cherish those times and they do mean so much to me.

i hope you take care, and that your lengthy friendship goes on for a while too :)

thanks for the feedback! i'm tempted to rework the colours to make the text more readable but it's difficult to do within the limitations of bitsy itself...