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it's bitsy!

lmao that's so funny but also so cool! excited to see more of your work because this is super good.

it's pixel art! maybe more specifically: 1-bit pixel art?

this owns


wouldnt recommend it tbh... i just tested it and everything is cropped on my phone and i have no idea if it even plays sounds/music for a lot of these.

being weird about indigenous rights isnt very friendship of you 0/10

hell yeah

let's go!

yeah babey.... love this so much


hell yeah hell yeah... fantastic writing!


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forgot to reply to this...

for music: 
- this tool is good for single tracks:
- this tool is good for multiple tracks:
- for the "bitsymuse" one you'd want to look at how it works here:

for hiding the avatar: i'm pretty sure there's no hack involved here, just made the sprite colour the same as the background, put the avatar "out" of the frame and put a bunch of exits with dialogue around it.

i used to have a download version of the game for folks to look into themselves, i could upload it myself OR you could download the game through the itch desktop app maybe?

bit rude

aw thank you!!!

thanks for the gutless shoutout 😎 

can totally relate with being wholeheartedly inspired by disco elysium to the point of being physically and psychically compelled to Make A Game about a fucked up person LOL

excited to go through your previously made games and follow the development of this one! 

love the choice of reading out loud. it hits different doesnt it? thank you for the kind words :)

no thats all good! would love to see how it looks if you want to share afterwards, but its totally fine if you dont want to :)

uh, which lines would you want to get tattooed lol? im not sure if im ok with it

you didnt miss dialogue it's like that on purpose.

why would you want to read what they sent?

im very normal

this is so good

fucking banger

now THIS... is extremely my shit

ahhh this is extremely my shit :) ;) :3

this is extremely my shit.......

this... is extremely my shit

this is extremely my shit

never mind i did reach the end, hee hoo nice and dreadful

even harder than greasemnk. love the vibes....................

i think this is my 2022 game of the year

i guess you could download it through the itch desktop app? i used to have a download of the html file available, can't remember why i took it offline though

okay, it works for me on chrome... not much i can do about it if i cant replicate it. might be something in your browser settings but i wouldnt know!

lol alright. are you playing in the browser or through the itch dektop app? i believe the desktop app has trouble playing sound for web games.

turn up the volume or something idk...



almost?! i gotta try harder