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hoping to slip in more parts of melbourne in my games as i make more...!

i really appreciate you taking the time to clarify your previous comment, i definitely read it in a negative way (perhaps even more than you had intended). i now understand what you mean a lot more, thank you for this!

totally fair to feel that the game wasn't for you! it's a bit out there and admittedly deliberately written to be poetic and somewhat ambiguous.

i have a lot to learn still...

thank you mint, and i do wish you all the best also.

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i think this might be the worst comment ive ever received, congrats

thank you for sharing this! 

although the story i tell in this game is quite bittersweet, in real life i ended up moving to a city where a lot of my oldest tumblr friends lived and they’re now my irl friends! 

it’s wild to think these are people i’ve known for a decade. because i moved around a lot i never had “lifelong” friends for the longest time, and the internet ended up becoming the constant.

there’s a lot of friends from the tumblr days that i dont talk to every day per se but we still keep in touch and chat when we feel like it. i really like those friendships too!

not all my internet friendships worked out, sometimes it was my fault and sometimes it wasnt. but i still cherish those times and they do mean so much to me.

i hope you take care, and that your lengthy friendship goes on for a while too :)

thanks for the feedback! i'm tempted to rework the colours to make the text more readable but it's difficult to do within the limitations of bitsy itself... 

added a start screen. let me know if youre still getting a black screen!

thanks for the feedback, ive been way too busy lately and this game is old enough to not be a priority BUT i’ll be looking into having a little start screen at the beginning instead of the black screen. tbh i made this during a jam with very little time and i didnt expect people to still be playing it now (i think more people have been playing this lately too?) which is why i didnt really think of adding that then.

next week i’ll look into adding a title screen to make it clearer that you have to press wasd or arrow keys to start the first dialogue. it says this in the description but i guess a black screen would make anyone think the game is not working!

weird to downvote when im trying to help but anyway, i wrote this in a comment above but if the game is unresponsive at first you can click into the game screen and then use WASD or arrow keys to move around/interact with things. hopefully it should work but do let me know if it doesnt!

added some extra instructions in the description because it might be unclear for people unfamiliar with bitsy. basically if the game is unresponsive you can click into the game screen and then use WASD or arrow keys to move around/interact with things. hopefully this should work but let me know if it doesnt!

do you have any music playing? what browser/platform are you using? i need more info to look into fixing whatever issue you’re running into

what’s not working?

saw your email and answered! thank you for your patience :)

hey! the hacks i used in this are:
- transparent sprites
- avatar by room
- dialog choices
- exit from dialog

i didn't use borksy this time but instead copied the hacks from sean's repo:

and used elkie's bitsy savior: to patch them in. bitsy savior is great because you can update the game data of your game without having to copy the hacks again and again the way you would in the regular editor. and you get to test it in-browser too which is cool.

i added music with candle's tool:

and i also make art on aseprite on a 128x128 canvas first then convert it to rooms with max's tool pixsy. this makes the art making process a lot faster:

feel free to download and look at the game files to see whats goin on in here too!

too true

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my friend reblogged this onto my tumblr dash and saw it was a bitsy game so i just had to play it...

fantastic work! particularly appreciate that you give the player an "exit" before proceeding into the darker parts of the story, it's really smart and kind of you.

thank you so much for sharing your experiences in such a personal way. i cheered a little bit when at the end you accepted to move to seattle lol. 

i hope you're doing well. 

thanks for the write-up! your interpretation of the story/its protagonist is is very interesting, i don’t think i ever thought of the story that way. 

in my mind the protagonist isnt alone in the world (part of me even thinks they’re not alone in the spaceship either) and earth very much still exists, they’re just far away from everyone! 

i like that the background part of this game is vague enough that different people can interpret it in different ways, it’s really cool.

off in a bad way?

thanks so much claire! your tutorial is what helped me start making bitsy games all those years ago, so thank YOU for making that!

fantastic use of space, movement and pacing! great piece!

hi! i used bitsy:

beautiful art style and i love the way the little goblins move! great work!!

this is really amazing, thank you for making it!

have u pressed WASD or arrow keys at all? 


thanks for the appreciation. would you be okay editing your comment a little bit? i don't really appreciate random mentions of/making light of sexual assault in my comments, even if that's not the intention. cheers!

thanks so much! finally got around to watching this video, your commentary is good! also when the character tripped and fell, they're absolutely not supposed to do that. i laughed so hard when that happened because i didn't even think you could go back after falling! might fix it, might also keep it in because it's funny...

thanks so much for playing! just watched the video— it's great! really love the little changes you made to fit the video format. love your interpretation of the friend too, i laughed a lot! 

that's fair! just made a downloadable version available :) 

it's really just a html page and the music file, but it should work fine in any browsers offline. let me know if you encounter any issues!

i could! is there an issue with the in-browser one?

damn ok i'll see if i can look into fixing it this weekend, thanks for letting me know!

uh oh! did you play it on mobile? i need to fix the audio for mobile in particular, but it should be working fine on desktop (do let me know if you're having this issue on desktop though!)

thanks so much for the kindly comment! i'm so glad the game resonated with you. glad also that growing older has been good to us.

i AM using bitsymuse! would love to hear about the fix!

this is so good... the way the game loops around on itself? amazing! love the art, the writing and the music also. thanks so much for sharing!

thanks so much! love your work 💖

this is so good! really enjoyed the ascension and the last panel did not disappoint! great work!!

the sprites were actually blue when i started making the game but i changed it because it didn’t stand out against the background. all the sprites are the same colour because that’s how Bitsy works! also this isn’t a jam game!

haha i dont know if i'd be able to pull off long form games in bitsy! but for a longer experience in bitsy, may i suggest the game Redlander which is currently in development... it's very good and seeing sneak peeks to its development is an absolute delight!

ohhh wow this is incredible! really love how expressive all the characters are. excited to see more of your bitsy work, can't believe you didn't even use the image to bitsy hack!