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damn ok i'll see if i can look into fixing it this weekend, thanks for letting me know!

uh oh! did you play it on mobile? i need to fix the audio for mobile in particular, but it should be working fine on desktop (do let me know if you're having this issue on desktop though!)

thanks so much for the kindly comment! i'm so glad the game resonated with you. glad also that growing older has been good to us.

i AM using bitsymuse! would love to hear about the fix!

this is so good... the way the game loops around on itself? amazing! love the art, the writing and the music also. thanks so much for sharing!

thanks so much! love your work 💖

this is so good! really enjoyed the ascension and the last panel did not disappoint! great work!!

the sprites were actually blue when i started making the game but i changed it because it didn’t stand out against the background. all the sprites are the same colour because that’s how Bitsy works! also this isn’t a jam game!

haha i dont know if i'd be able to pull off long form games in bitsy! but for a longer experience in bitsy, may i suggest the game Redlander which is currently in development... it's very good and seeing sneak peeks to its development is an absolute delight!

ohhh wow this is incredible! really love how expressive all the characters are. excited to see more of your bitsy work, can't believe you didn't even use the image to bitsy hack! 

you might need to click inside the game screen to “activate” the keyboard! and then just use arrow keys or wasd to start the game and move and stuff! i’ll actually add this instruction in the description, thanks for bringing it up! hope you enjoy the game.

SO GOOD!! loving the little details on the shelves and also (spoilers) the mysterious cursed language in the Cursed Book... great stuff!

oh wow ok i was stuck because i couldn't find the lighter after the phone call LOL. i'd suggest making the items you can pick up a little more obvious (different colour, animations maybe) but honestly it just might be that i wasn't paying attention. i'd be happy to share more feedback if you want to hear it but i think the game works as is. it's good, i love the blacking out/existential crisis post-phone call, very visually striking.

hey! this is a very cool concept, as im making my own grief related game right now im glad i found this. i do get stuck after the phone call because i cant find the lighter anywhere! is that intentional?

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i’ve got more games on my page!

not a guy but thank you!

so good

wah thank you so much!! you should have said hi! LIKELIKE's virtual gallery thing is so good im so glad we got to be part of it!

finally got to play this now – phenomenal art and writing! love the title page as well. great work!!!!

thank you so much! im really glad that novena brings you comfort or hope during hard times. my most personal games are very much a form of catharsis for myself and im glad that other people can feel the same kind of release/relief in them. keeps me going! so thanks for your comment.

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there is a working desktop version of bitsy made by aloelazoe:

i've used it to make my last two game and its great!

thanks so much!

im glad novena inspired you! this game is the first one i ever made, and it was made with a game engine named bitsy, which is fairly easy to use even if you dont know anything about game development.

thanks for playing! im gonna see if i can do anything to make that text read better. due to how bitsy works its hard to change dialog colours without changing the rest of the game’s appearance buuut i may be able to work something out. thanks for the feedback, it’s greatly appreciated.

thank you so much!!

ah! i think you might need to click on the black screen after “run crime” and then press any arrow key to start. i’ll see if i can make this a bit clearer in-game.

so glad to hear you like it!!! hope u spend some good holidays

omg im so flattered ❤️ thank you so much!

i remember seeing this on twitter a while back and i finally got around to play it – this is incredible!

just realised you also worked on "it's winter", i knew there was a similar vibe!! love your work!!!

i really like this! walking around and discovering places and little areas with music playing was delightful and i particularly loved the dream sequences. i want to meet the person living in the apartment complex who always has the pink light on when i come home from work.

i love this! i love the colours, and i like how the background chatter made it harder for me to focus, just like i have a hard time hearing people in loud environments lol.  i wonder which of these characters i am most like....

nah this is good

Hi there! 

I've never posted in this before, but I figured why not?

Yesterday I released my shiny new bitsy game, called continental drift.

It's a short bitsy piece (~5mins) about moving, and growing up.
I made this for the 26th monthly Bitsy Jam, with theme "One Room". I loosely followed the theme, but I think it still holds up!
I'm pretty proud of it, and if you're into nice, contemplative experiences, then please do give it a try!

You can play it here!

 Thanks for reading! <3

omg i love this... it's funny and silly but then it's.... also beautiful? my favourite kind of art tbh.

this is so good!!! the art is incredible, and the story has me hooked already. i love the worldbuilding, and i can't wait to see more of this story!

thanks so much! yeah once i pinned down my colours i was like “this is it!!”, made me really happy!

thank you lenny 💖

the colours are divine i love this!!!!!!

oh WOW i was a BIG FAN of glitch back when it was around! i had such a good time and i miss it every now and then. i can totally see how this is reminiscent of that game! thank you so much fellow glitchen!