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The assets in the main folder does not match the assets shown here, you have to go into the unity project package to get those files.

Hi really love this artwork, and I have used this sprite pack as the protagonists in my game Calturin and Clone.

Thank you kindly

Music sounds amazing, I might need to create a church or so in my game with that music lol.

It is really hard to hear the sounds over the music, could you lower the music a bit?

A couple of days ago I joked with my gf that I should have a baby dragon in my game, she loved the idea and and was very disappointed when I told her it would take too much time. And then I see this excellent release:P well sigh take my money:)

Would love to see a fantasy style theme, like an old bearded man, an adventurer etc

I feel like the idling animation with wings flapping needs a few more keyframes for the wings, the wings movement doesn't look smooth, but rather clunky. Rest of the pack is really great though, and I am very close to buying it and implementing it in my game.

Hi really nice pack, is it possible to add up and down movements?