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Ah ok, thanks.

Hi glad you liked it, I plan on having 30 to 40 normal levels in the full version. I am not sure what you mean about quicker animations, do you think I should speed up the units attack animations and dead animations etc or?

Nice idea, I like the sound effects, though seems to me the difficulity increases a bit too fast. Also would like to see a proper death animation, I just see a black box now. Like the player is extinguished or something.

Any feedback or comments are much appreciated.

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Wouldn't have bought this without the 3.0 update, amazing work. Hope I can make all the attacks work in my game. Edit: Going through the sprites in my folder now and just stunned by the awesome quality.

To fix the attack frames being below the other frames when you use it in unity, select all the attack sprites, and then under Sprite Mode you need to set Pivot to Custom, and then X needs to be 0.5, and Y 0.4

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Thanks. Also by the way, it is really nice to see you put effort into idle animations in your work. Many artists just do 2 frames chest up/down and I think it is close to unusable. Especially a huge fan of your Warlock idle animation, love how he moves his hand/fingers, and the green glowing orb.

Really amazing sprite. I will be using this for my game Calturin.

Please sir can we have a fire explosion? Adding the fire bolts in my game now and just noticed the lack of explosion:(

Hi great pack, bought it for the explosion. But after I noticed that it is cut off at the bottom, it isn't as round at the bottom as at the top. Might need to be moved up a bit?

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No destroy effect for shadow bolt?:[

Thanks, appreciate it:)

Hehe:) by the way I would appreciate if you could try it out quickly with your controller, and let me know if it is implemented good enough. 

Great video, really enjoyed watching it!

I am using this asset in my game Calturin, you can try out the demo at where the last boss in the demo is this one.

Hi thanks for playing and the comment. Anything I can do to make it easier for the Linux people?

Calturin is a Bullet Hell Boss Rush game where you are resurrected by a necromancer who now holds you in his power. Promised your freedom if you do his bidding, you must traverse the Gauntlet of Portals to unknown lands and conquer deadly beings.

Try the demo here:

- 10 unique boss fights and 2 paths of pain.
- A compelling story told through fully voiced NPCs.
- Choose how to improve your skills as you become stronger.
- Designed to be suitable for both normal playthrough and speedrunning.

The Gauntlet of Portals Awaits.

Check out the trailer 

nice effects, 1 suggestion: for zombie arms attack, have an option of just mud in the start, as a way to warn the player that the arms are coming. Warnings of attack are essential when making any attacks.

Hi in what folder is the cast loop?

No you misunderstood mean, I mean it is really awesome that there already are multiple cast animations.

Really awesome you added multiple spell cast animations to him!

Ok I may have asked in a confusing way. My question is, how do I connect the flying horizontal animation with any of the other flying animations? There doesn't seem to me to be any links to transition between flying horizontal to any of the verticals.

Amazing asset, I would love if there was an animation from him sitting in the throne to standing up. Keep up the excellent work!

Hi I like the feel of the ball, but I can only see a little vertical slice of the screen at the ball, very hard to see what is coming up

Hi awesome again awesome dragon, I am starting to use it in my project, but have a problem with the animations. I want the dragon to fly in, and then land, but there are no animations from normal flying to landing.  Only animation from flying to landing is if the dragon is in vertical position. I think it could really use a normal flying to land animation.

The assets appearing "frozen" seems quite appropriate to a winter pack :P

Awesome:) Looking forward to that and also seeing your other projects.

Hi just bought the dragon, it looks amazing. I am looking forward to see the new fire effect you mentioned you were working on.

The assets in the main folder does not match the assets shown here, you have to go into the unity project package to get those files.

Hi really love this artwork, and I have used this sprite pack as the protagonists in my game Calturin and Clone.

Thank you kindly

Music sounds amazing, I might need to create a church or so in my game with that music lol.

It is really hard to hear the sounds over the music, could you lower the music a bit?

A couple of days ago I joked with my gf that I should have a baby dragon in my game, she loved the idea and and was very disappointed when I told her it would take too much time. And then I see this excellent release:P well sigh take my money:)

Would love to see a fantasy style theme, like an old bearded man, an adventurer etc

I feel like the idling animation with wings flapping needs a few more keyframes for the wings, the wings movement doesn't look smooth, but rather clunky. Rest of the pack is really great though, and I am very close to buying it and implementing it in my game.

Hi really nice pack, is it possible to add up and down movements?