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love her


interesting topic, thanks for bringing it up (:

thanks for your feedback.  I'm not a specialist, but as far as I know, it is proven that Pitbull is the most dangerous breed.



Hi! I uploaded the Windows version!

there's no ending |:o

I'll try to fix the Mac version but I'm not sure if I will be able to do that (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)

Thank you! 

thank you!!

the video can't be opened:( it says: the connection is not private .....

yeah maybe you're right:)

Oh I enjoyed watching that :) Thanks, I will fix the music issue!

Thank you! <3

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No, not needed! Just Right Click -> Open, if it's not working, repeat this. This should work :-)

Nice graphics!

Thank you! <3

So beautiful! I'm in love with all your games <3

Hi! I made a game with Unity and I made games before and uploaded the and everything worked great! When I was uploading this project, a message appeared "There was a problem completing your upload. Try again. If the problem persists contact support."

Everything seems to work and the size of the file is 774 mb. What could it be? I tried to upload only 1 level and it worked.

( This is the game, I'm using an external link but would be really grateful if you could help me!!)



Btw, the mechanic is amazing!

Hey, I really really love it! Wanted to say that there's a bug in level 6, after Rupert comes back to life, he cannot interact with enemies (and also jump I guess)

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Hi, there are some screenshots from the game! But later I'll upload some more soon

Hm, I guess this will work on all Windows versions. The only thing I would suggest is that if your PC performance isn't the best I would turn the graphics quality to medium or lower

thanks! yes:) used MagicaVoxel

sure! I checked the webgl version of the game, does it work correctly? Its not like in the trailer video

Superstressful! My game broke 1 hour before the submission, but it's a lesson for me not to test new things in the last minute WITHOUT A BACKUP. Anyway, I somehow managed to find a solution.

Heeey :)

Please review my game! I would be really glad to get feedback!

A small exploration game, make sure you'll give all dogs a treat!!

Moisture game award <3