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I'm glad you found it, and thanks for the support! I appreciate what the game tried to do, so my only goal was to make it a bit more fun and approachable for more folks.

No, sorry - this is for an upcoming project of mine, so I'm keeping all rights reserved.

This one goes places: ((t<<3)/((t<<2)&(t>>2)&t>>17))|t>>(6-(2^2&t>>31))|t>>4


Your best bet to contact the artist is to get the name from the famicase page, just below the title of the cart, to the left of the /, and then search for it on google/twitter/pixiv.
If you post the one you need, i can try to help you find it.

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I've been in Famicase for a couple years, and even though the spirit of the thing is to make nonexistent games, I've been having fun using it as a proving ground for my cart dreams of my actual games.

Because of that, I've always asked other artists whether their carts were okay to use for AGBIC. I recommend you do the same, and if they have any restrictions, post them here so other folks know. If anyone needs help finding/communicating with an artist, I know a bit of Japanese and would be happy to help.

For example: all three of these are games in progress. But you can totally still take inspiration from the carts, run with the style and the idea, but the name and such might actually be in use, so be conscientious :D

Haha, that's ok. It's cool to see someone looking over them!
The moon actually does move fast enough for it not to burn in :) it takes less than an hour to have moved completely off of any previous spot, and takes 12 hours to curve across the whole sky.
...might not be fast enough for some of the really old CRTs, though.