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sounds very interesting

but i dont know how to play :P

like the visuals

here is some feedback:

  • the screen shake is very high
  • sometimes you get stuck in enemies and cant jump or mine
  • you can stick to walls
  • the pickaxe range is short
  • the mining animation is not that satisfying
  • mining rocks just gives you extra score points and nothing more than that (like a chance to get more health or something like that)


hope the feedback helps :)

very weird :/

i found a glitch: at times if you hit the other he will remain stunned forever

im here from gamejolt and i just want to say. very nice!

here is some feedback:

  • the game is extremely unbalanced at times, just look at this 
  • the map is not that good
  • the controls are slow and kind of weird
  • nice visuals

overall: good game for 2 days only :)

i liked the game but its to hard 

you only get 2 ammo for every bullet :(

great idea 

you are a smart boy

like the music

love the relaxy mod

and the art