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I'm being serious. I watched a play through of this and got very emotional. I don't understand. I shed a single tear. it feels so good

imposter epic

Shower Game community · Created a new topic secret hunting

something about this game is fishy. i think its hiding something!

the style is epic (the main menu looks amazing). but the game itself is very linear

I want to eat the zombies. I don't know why

i freaking love this app :D

its very creative and fun!

somethings i would like to see in the future:

  1. undo button
  2. when the program is running dont allow another one to run, because things get weird when you have two Desktop Painters running at the same time
  3. custom colors!
  4. a text that tells you how thick the brush size is
  5. when Ctrl is held down add a small circle around the cursor to help show where you are painting

i dont really know, i had a lot of free time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

it was my voice ;)


thanks BoN :D

im full of regret, and happy about it!

thank you all for hating my game, i really appreciate it :)

i have been getting lazy a lot these days but this jam got me motivated to finish something again which is just great and i cant thank you guys enough for it.

CrapJam is amazing, and im hopefully in the next one :D

this have been a wonderfully painful experience from the start!

happy that you liked it bro :D

you goys better be practicing to cuz im very good art

im not osing dis art for da jam geam cuz i want give you goys chance too win to ;)

share soem of youre art cuz i wanna see

really nice and relaxing

the only thing missing for me is a satisfying ending 

fun with physics

funny and creative!

it would of been an improvement if you gave the player less time before the bomb goes off, and if the bomb's explosion was bigger and much stronger

someone told me:

so i told him:

lovely idea for a game!

but i feel like its a bit slow paced

i dont have game maker so i cant run the game :/

can we have a downloadable version because this game is kinda broken on the browser :/

btw i knew how to play its just that the controls are weird

when the girl is in front of the TV you need to press the Arrow keys then select what you want by pressing Enter

but the game is kinda buggy :P

cool idea for i chill game

here is some feedback:

  • PROS
  • nice retro style
  • great idea for a skill based game with some luck
  • CONS
  • very hard D: (for me at least)
  • this is an easy mode score :/
  • and thats about it :)

i like the idea and feel like you put a lot of work making a meme game lol

so here is some feedback:

  • PROS
  • good idea
  • good art
  • good replayability value
  • CONS
  • the turrets are over powered. you can win the whole game by only using them
  • mines are bad because they only kill one naruto runner
  • waifus are broken. well get to that later
  • and i dont know what the last thing did because it disappeared after placing it
  • waifu glitches D:

1. they can get stuck on them, and no one well die

2. they can just disappear after placing them

3. narutos can be stoped in the way for some reason


i also made a storm area 51 game if you want to check it out!

like the visuals

here is some feedback:

  • the screen shake is very high
  • sometimes you get stuck in enemies and cant jump or mine
  • you can stick to walls
  • the pickaxe range is short
  • the mining animation is not that satisfying
  • mining rocks just gives you extra score points and nothing more than that (like a chance to get more health or something like that)


hope the feedback helps :)

very weird :/

i found a glitch: at times if you hit the other he will remain stunned forever

im here from gamejolt and i just want to say. very nice!

here is some feedback:

  • the game is extremely unbalanced at times, just look at this 
  • the map is not that good
  • the controls are slow and kind of weird
  • nice visuals

overall: good game for 2 days only :)

i liked the game but its to hard 

you only get 2 ammo for every bullet :(

great idea 

you are a smart boy

like the music

love the relaxy mod

and the art