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It bothers me that when I make a sale/bundle page for the full list of my games, it chooses its own order for how to display the games, generally putting games that I think of as old and unappealing on top. I would LIKE to be able to pick the order so that I could put either newest or most popular games on top, rather than the new stuff being hidden way down.

Is there any way to do this that I'm just missing?

Hi! I have some questions about this game, is there an email address where I can reach you?

You can't buy it right now, if you try to click on that it'll give you an error. The game is not on sale at the moment, but for some weird Itch quirk reason it still puts a Buy button on the update, go figure.

Only Kickstarter backers with beta access can currently download and play the game. Everyone else has to wait until the official launch. Don't worry, it won't be too much longer!

It is currently possible for hte stats to be a little bit negative while still showing as 0, if you've had a REALLY bad week. 

I would think that the popsicle would usually still bring you up to at least 1 though... don't remember the exact hidden numbers.

It's up there by now, but it has to go through more steps to get cleared there so there was a delay.

There's a lot of RNG involved in hunting! Since every location has multiple different types of people who might show up there, you can't rely on finding exactly the target you want all the time. Any particular type will get less likely as you feed on them and thus there's fewer of them around compared to the other possibilities. There are definitely more than two or three Doctors in the mix, but not an infinite supply either.

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Can you specify whether the protagonist is male, female, player-selectable, or deliberately ambiguous? 

It doesn't seem to say anywhere here or on your kickstarter page.