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Hello, i'm from Brazil and i have to say i loved this game (sorry rusty english)

So I play everything in Visual novel world, Japanese, otome eroge, Dating sim, Halloween Otome (i Love it too). And This game is awesome, story , characters and all this is amazing. I confess i get scared sometimes too. So i loved too all characters, Kaichi, Chain, Roya, Ikuya, Lioji. 

I would play a game with all the secondary characters. Although it is an indie game the quality of it is incredible. Thank you so much for such a beautiful game and passionate characters.

thanks, i love this game, and all your games. 

Thanks for great job in this game and it. 

this game look great, but i'll wait the final version

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wow, so i liked the game but i don't knew this is no fully complete yet. 

This get so sad. But i'm looking forward the next story, so thanks for he good work, i really liked the game the monster, 

Nikolai  is my fav, i wanted see the friend with black hair too, but Nikolai look lonesome, something him need I don't know. 

Well thanks and i'll waiting for more, this is very nice

oh cool and scary 

Thanks very much. This is cool. Oh and I loved this game and the new game Demo

Hii, so i have this game is steam and i did katy routes in the guide, Jon, Ari, ??? and Simon and Bunny. 

But i wanted to know if i can make Cam, Michelle and the others characters for more cgs and endings. See Michelle die crush my heart

Lucky i think?

So anyway, i loved the game <3 thank for this amazing game. 

I'll play a third time, with Tyler with Ems. 

Oh and Thanks for attention <3 ~kiss

Weird thing, so I choose "Of course"  I get he Broken Promise. And So loaded my save and the choices changed. 

I get this option too, I get the trait affectionate , I get the Astute achiviment with scarf , but yet i get the two choises, "Of couse.."  and "Yes- but not...."

I get all choices ritghs, i started one new game, because the firts time i choose the firts choice wrong, but my game finished like this

My status is full almost all, But trust and the other fo Zane route.

What i am did wrong? This in my second time

Thank you very much  (^_−)☆

i am playing it, and a little doubt get me, which status for each character?

I mean Zane is managent  right?

And the others?

I want it so much. Halloween Otome is so Good.

I'm looking forward

7zip extract also .rar

Steam? have some chance?


Thank you for this amazing work

When I grow up i wanna be like your guys.

This game looks so great. That i'll be waiting for it, and i wanna give you support.

I love the characters, them look very cool, and fun.

OMG amazing <3 a Dating Sim like Tokimemo, or looks like, but i love Dating sims

so in american the people make the use of term "Dating sim" for Almost all that you can have romance, and not for games like the real thing. Like a Tokimemo for example.

Hii, i loved this game this is the best free otome game.

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- Did you enjoy it overall?

Yeah. Very much

- What was your favorite part?

Carver end <3

- What parts could be improved upon?

Text more fast

- Who was your favorite character?


- Would you like to see more games from Gourmet Visual?

Of course

- Any other random comments!

Thank foy you game