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I get this option too, I get the trait affectionate , I get the Astute achiviment with scarf , but yet i get the two choises, "Of couse.."  and "Yes- but not...."

I get all choices ritghs, i started one new game, because the firts time i choose the firts choice wrong, but my game finished like this

My status is full almost all, But trust and the other fo Zane route.

What i am did wrong? This in my second time

Weird thing, so I choose "Of course"  I get he Broken Promise. And So loaded my save and the choices changed. 

This is strange because it implies that your affection somehow changed when you loaded the save.

I'm unable to recreate it, so I can't be sure what's causing it.

Lucky i think?

So anyway, i loved the game <3 thank for this amazing game. 

I'll play a third time, with Tyler with Ems. 

Oh and Thanks for attention <3 ~kiss