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At first glance, it looks like a vanilla "collect keys while avoiding the monster game". But the subtle differences like the creepy chatting from other parts of the building, to the INSANE moves she pulls on you when you least expect it make this game much more enjoyable... and creepy. Well worth a playthrough.

Not bad for a short horror. I did get a lot of laughs from Meiri-san and I'm not sure I was supposed to find he/her/it as funny as I did. Lots of... toilet humor :D

The game is INCREDIBLE. I have to say, the devs must live in NYC because they have the environment of the subway totally accurate. It add to the realistic horror element for me as a resident.
The only thing I would say is, it is not 100% clear and obvious what you need to do next often. Some items are hard to spot, and other times, you won't exactly be sure what the devs want you to do (like opening the train door scene).
Overall, I would back them on Patreon just to get this full game expedited. I need to know what else waits in store!

Gotta good scare out of this game. Incredibly well done for a 2-min game jam project!

I'm DYING laughing playing this game

I'm DYING laughing while playing this game:

Finally, the conclusion we've all been waiting for. It was definitely worth the wait. A few criticisms though. I do feel the last chapter didn't deliver as many punchy scares as the first few releases.
But, what it did give us was far more context into the symbolism Adam uses throughout the game. Adam, drawing on his experiences as a factory worker, takes that environment into a pure psychological mind fuck of realistic sounds, grotesque visuals, and smartly placed apparitions that make rounding every corner intimidating.
I will forever refer to this game as the hallmark for what a great indie dev could do. What a great game could be. One that haunts you long after you've finished. Especially a game like this, where the horrors are all too real as they are the lived experiences of the game's creator. His terrors, insecurities, struggles, thoughts... they are manifested here. Adam's work should be studied by budding developers.

To Adam, thank you so much for your work. A masterpiece that must be experienced first hand is hard to execute, and truly those who've stumbled upon your work have found gold. I enthusiastically await your future titles. One day, I hope to see your name in the credits of a AAA title.

This Demo definitely has plenty of potential to be a great game. For the next update, please if you could, make spatial audio be tolerable for headphone users? RIP my hears when the BIG BOY gets close. Overall, good time for a demo!

This game is SO MUCH FUN! I can't stress that enough. I really didn't expect to enjoy the stress as much as I did, but between getting spooked, and figuring out the game mechanics you end up loving the charm and simplicity of the entertainment this game provides. Honestly, I wish this had even more increased difficulty with new wrenches to throw at folks trying to beat it. I would play this over FNAF 20/20/20 mode.

By far the coolest comment I can make about this game is the needle/ sewing mechanic. So fluid, so aesthetically pleasing, and just plain fun! I would love to see a boss fight that is similar to the Spider Queen in Okami. The only critique I have is the chase sequence after the sneaking segment. Felt rushed, and confusing on whether I was meant to use the needle or just plain run. Overall, it is definitely a game I'm keeping an eye on for the full release!

Ok guys, YOU REALLY SHOULD WEAR HEADPHONES WHILE PLAYING! There is an incredible attention to audio in this game, and I wouldn't want you to miss on the frights the sounds would give you alone,

In my humble opinion, this short game is far scarier, more interesting, and more spiritually a successor to the original Blair Witch Project film, than the Liongate game on Steam. MiniGoliath took the original premise and horrors of the film and tweaked it, making this game uniquely its own while hearkening to the elements that made the film nightmare inducing. 

9/10 and it is only that low because I wanted to keep playing!

I was so unnerved by the game. Not gonna lie, had to take my headphones off in sheer fear of impending doom twice. I loved the concept especially towards the "2nd half"(won't spoil anything here). I could see this game having different endings, though I don't know if that's the case. It definitely is an unsettling game in a unassuming package!

This is a great short game! There a few minor bugs with customers 'requests' not showing up in a timely fashion but only rarely. Otherwise, the hell that is this general store was an accurate description of real Retail Hell! I would recommend 8/10. Plus, the special guest voice actor was a fantastic experience for fellow fans like me :)

Check out some of the secrets the community managed to find!

Hey guys! If you want to catch the first half hour of the full game, check this out! The game is definitely living up to the hype it generated in the demo!

This game. Is. Terrifying, creepy, stress-inducing, mysterious, soul-retching, stunning, and absolutely beautiful. One of the most exciting indie horror games I've played... ever. Twice, I was moved to tears, memorized by the storytelling of a tragic case of Adam. This is a must play for horror fans and aspiring game devs alike. From the textures to the lighting, to the sounds, absolutely everything sold me into the experience of true terror. Adam, you are surely the next Scott Cawthon if you continue with pursuing this genre. You have earned a lifelong fan and support. Hats off to you, you twisted beautiful soul.

This game was silly, cute, and overall solid. It was such a relaxing game that brought a genuine smile to my face. Thank both of you  for putting this together, you pulled at my heart strings and won yourselves a fan!