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Omg, a developer I love likes my video~~ Gonna crawl under my bed and die now k thx XD

Nerdspartan took a well made original game and blew up *heh* such an amazing sequel that I cannot fathom SCP fans skipping out on this treasure. Clearly, aspiring game devs should look to this series as a case study to learn how to take good design concepts and run with them!

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YET AGAIN, Mr. Timore graces us with another bop of a game!
Hitting on creepy notes, unsettling sounds, strange pigeon necked doctor, and the visual aesthetic that Vidas games are famous for. If you want to question reality, try this one out!

I NEED A FULL LENGTH GAME OF THIS! Too good to pass up. The best elements of stress and immersion with choices taking me on a roller coaster ride of feelings. PLEASE PLAY THIS SO THE DEV CAN MAKE MORE. *Psssh take my money too please*

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9.5/10 for the demo alone! Just as polished and fun as the first thus far, adding new friends to the mix to keep the player on edge.

Moonbit is clearly a MUST FOLLOW dev for really fun and well done retro horrors! Can't wait for the full release! If you need something to play in the meantime, check out Moonbit's first Mr. Hopp's Playhouse, or Cold Call.

If Vanish didn't make give you motion sickness, THIS GAME SURE WILL! And if you were scared at one type of monster, THEY GOT EVEN MORE!

 It's like all the things that I hate wrapped into one game. Love it. 10/10 would suffer again

8.5/10! Once AGAIN Bored Leviathan comes through with a game that short, sweet, spooky, and to the point!
The numbers appearing has been buggy *doesn't always show up even when all the lights are off*. Overall, this is definitely a game you want to play if you want a short horror game to get your heart racing!

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This is definitely a weird game. I loved the two paths the game gives you. But, one path is VASTLY superior to the other. With out spoiling too much, the AI in this game need a helluva lot of work to make the "key" path seem remotely fun or scary. The "doctor" path was better as a narrative, but lacked could use more content to make it truly memorable. 

Overall, I give the game 7/10.  Keep making more!

I have to say THIS IS A MUST PLAY if you are a horror fan or in awe of the power of this under utilized art style in games.

I don't want to spoil anything, but the game gradually pulls you in with more intense and graphic themes that make you invested in discovering the story's secrets. It's a medley of mystery like Murder on The Orient Express, meets Lovecraft, meets beautiful pixel art!

This isn't terrible, but it isn't quite unique. The story is fairly predictable, the pacing let's you predict the jumpscares, and there is far too much of 'telling' not 'showing'. I think this is a good start into making games of this genre, but don't be afraid to break the mold! Experiment. Try different ideas out! Don't be afraid to get bizarre. The stranger, the better. Looking forward to seeing what else you guys make!

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I am TOTALLY BIASED, because I love scary trains. BUT, this is for sure a game you need to try yourself, or trick a friend into playing!

It got me good in terms of scares a few times, and made me laugh to tears! I would give this 9/10 for effort, and overall experience. NOW GIVE HIM YOUR MONEY!

Pretty good game! 8/10

Reminded me a lot of silent hill which was a bonus in my mind. There were a few issues. It wasn't always straight forward where you needed to go in town. Thankfully, not a big map so easy enough to figure out. Out of all retro games, the start of the horror in the office got me LITERALLY crying in panic and fear. A good example of a solid idea with great execution. Definitely wanna play more episodes!


This is a simple race against the clock game, but the premise as well as the means to 'win' are by far the funniest I've had the pleasure of playing thus far. I would describe it as a stress inducing horror shit show with an emphasis on shit. A great entry in the indie scene here!

This is by far my favorite Vidas game I've played to date. A short trip into the psyche of Timore as we explore the feeling of sadness and loneliness.. and all of its manifestations. From echoy halls, to creepy noises in the dark, this game didn't fail to deliver the horror, while giving us a taste of hope for a better tomorrow.


In true Vidas style, this game is a helluva trip! 

In true Vidas style, this game is a helluva ride! From start to finish, you are uncomfortable, unsure of your surroundings, hunted by a monster you wouldn't want to meet in the dark, and doing things... things most rather not. All in pursuit of a goal you're not even sure why. But, you must get the password. Play and find out who the real bad guy is. Well worth a playthrough!

This short game is as much a mystery as it is a horror. 

I enjoyed playing multiple times hunting both endings, and trying to piece together just what happened. Truly worth a playthrough or two if you enjoy hunting secrets and finding horror around every corner!


I am not usually this excited by fan games, but the dev did an outstanding job taking the SCP-esque universe and combining it with the sheer gorey terror that Dead Space is famous for! It was an engaging frightful experience that leaves me wanting to so much more. Please, if you are a fan of SCP lore or just enjoy a good ol' fashion/ well executed game, consider playing this for yourself!

Definitely a game that is worth keeping an eye out for. Though its a demo, it did give me quite a bit more entertainment than I expected, tho the point was surely missed on me. As far as killers go, this is probably my favorite! XD Please follow this dev to keep updated on any future news on the Hotel demo/ Looking forward to seeing the full game!

Only a few words I can type here to accurately describe my feelings. I. NEED. MORE. Need more, longer, games from this dev. 10/10

A holiday tale that needs to be experienced! No spoilers here, but I am BEYOND amused at the 'twist'. A must play for those looking to have a change of pace in Christmas games 

Pink is one of those pixel horror games that is totally subtle yet insidious. Its a game that I find is really living up to the horror when the 'mysteries' are finally revealed leaving you in awe of what the heck was happening up until then. Definitely would like to see a longer game in this genre from the dev!

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I wish I discovered this game earlier. I am absolutely, positively IN LOVE! Such a quirky mechanic being a literal heart attaching yourself to wall and objects to get around, but it works so well with the entire aesthetic. The mood, the sounds, the mechanics, everything worked so well to draw discomfort yet curiosity from the player. I HIGHLY recommend anyone stumbling onto this page to check it out yourself. Definitely so if you are an indie dev looking to see what an original, well executed, surreal horror experience can work! 

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This is probably the best point and click game I've played in recent memory. 

The story was enough to get me interested, and the exploration was fluid enough that it wasn't headache inducing (which is usually a huge problem for me).  The game didn't take very long to play but it wasn't by any means short, which makes it a great game to play on a snowy, spooky night when you gotta scratch your horror itch!

Pretty solid game given its short length! Would recommend anyone to trick a close friend into playing it, then recording their reaction! >:D
(especially if they have played Phasmophobia before)

The demo plays like any average indie horror. Nothing quite unique yet, but I can see ways that could change in the full release. I'm not a fan of mazes in horror games. It cheapens the scares, and slows the pacing too much. I think for now, the game is worth keeping an eye on to see what the devs come up with. BTW, please mind your headphone volume. There are instances where the audio is quite balanced. Here's my playthrough of it:

I had more silly fun than anything else in the game. Something about a faceless pink man chasing you around a maze gave me the giggles. Thank you so much for the fun!

hby gives us humble itch folk a quicks, but satisfying horror game. Short quests that leave us questioning the other passengers.. and ourselves. Though the ending came to soon for me, the game was a great quirky horror with plenty of smiles, and 'wtfs' to give. Can't wait to see what other projects hby has in store!~

At first glance, it looks like a vanilla "collect keys while avoiding the monster game". But the subtle differences like the creepy chatting from other parts of the building, to the INSANE moves she pulls on you when you least expect it make this game much more enjoyable... and creepy. Well worth a playthrough.

Not bad for a short horror. I did get a lot of laughs from Meiri-san and I'm not sure I was supposed to find he/her/it as funny as I did. Lots of... toilet humor :D

The game is INCREDIBLE. I have to say, the devs must live in NYC because they have the environment of the subway totally accurate. It add to the realistic horror element for me as a resident.
The only thing I would say is, it is not 100% clear and obvious what you need to do next often. Some items are hard to spot, and other times, you won't exactly be sure what the devs want you to do (like opening the train door scene).
Overall, I would back them on Patreon just to get this full game expedited. I need to know what else waits in store!

Gotta good scare out of this game. Incredibly well done for a 2-min game jam project!

I'm DYING laughing playing this game

I'm DYING laughing while playing this game:

Finally, the conclusion we've all been waiting for. It was definitely worth the wait. A few criticisms though. I do feel the last chapter didn't deliver as many punchy scares as the first few releases.
But, what it did give us was far more context into the symbolism Adam uses throughout the game. Adam, drawing on his experiences as a factory worker, takes that environment into a pure psychological mind fuck of realistic sounds, grotesque visuals, and smartly placed apparitions that make rounding every corner intimidating.
I will forever refer to this game as the hallmark for what a great indie dev could do. What a great game could be. One that haunts you long after you've finished. Especially a game like this, where the horrors are all too real as they are the lived experiences of the game's creator. His terrors, insecurities, struggles, thoughts... they are manifested here. Adam's work should be studied by budding developers.

To Adam, thank you so much for your work. A masterpiece that must be experienced first hand is hard to execute, and truly those who've stumbled upon your work have found gold. I enthusiastically await your future titles. One day, I hope to see your name in the credits of a AAA title.

This Demo definitely has plenty of potential to be a great game. For the next update, please if you could, make spatial audio be tolerable for headphone users? RIP my hears when the BIG BOY gets close. Overall, good time for a demo!

This game is SO MUCH FUN! I can't stress that enough. I really didn't expect to enjoy the stress as much as I did, but between getting spooked, and figuring out the game mechanics you end up loving the charm and simplicity of the entertainment this game provides. Honestly, I wish this had even more increased difficulty with new wrenches to throw at folks trying to beat it. I would play this over FNAF 20/20/20 mode.

By far the coolest comment I can make about this game is the needle/ sewing mechanic. So fluid, so aesthetically pleasing, and just plain fun! I would love to see a boss fight that is similar to the Spider Queen in Okami. The only critique I have is the chase sequence after the sneaking segment. Felt rushed, and confusing on whether I was meant to use the needle or just plain run. Overall, it is definitely a game I'm keeping an eye on for the full release!