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Hey guys! If you want to catch the first half hour of the full game, check this out! The game is definitely living up to the hype it generated in the demo!

This game. Is. Terrifying, creepy, stress-inducing, mysterious, soul-retching, stunning, and absolutely beautiful. One of the most exciting indie horror games I've played... ever. Twice, I was moved to tears, memorized by the storytelling of a tragic case of Adam. This is a must play for horror fans and aspiring game devs alike. From the textures to the lighting, to the sounds, absolutely everything sold me into the experience of true terror. Adam, you are surely the next Scott Cawthon if you continue with pursuing this genre. You have earned a lifelong fan and support. Hats off to you, you twisted beautiful soul.

This game was silly, cute, and overall solid. It was such a relaxing game that brought a genuine smile to my face. Thank both of you  for putting this together, you pulled at my heart strings and won yourselves a fan!