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Finally, the conclusion we've all been waiting for. It was definitely worth the wait. A few criticisms though. I do feel the last chapter didn't deliver as many punchy scares as the first few releases.
But, what it did give us was far more context into the symbolism Adam uses throughout the game. Adam, drawing on his experiences as a factory worker, takes that environment into a pure psychological mind fuck of realistic sounds, grotesque visuals, and smartly placed apparitions that make rounding every corner intimidating.
I will forever refer to this game as the hallmark for what a great indie dev could do. What a great game could be. One that haunts you long after you've finished. Especially a game like this, where the horrors are all too real as they are the lived experiences of the game's creator. His terrors, insecurities, struggles, thoughts... they are manifested here. Adam's work should be studied by budding developers.

To Adam, thank you so much for your work. A masterpiece that must be experienced first hand is hard to execute, and truly those who've stumbled upon your work have found gold. I enthusiastically await your future titles. One day, I hope to see your name in the credits of a AAA title.