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Hi, where can I find the border with skull and blood you used in the banner and side images ? Thank you.

Glad to see a new update, keep on the excellent work.


Ah, yes thank you for noticing it. This asset was costing 2$ before and then I made it free, I just forgot to change the text..

As a minesweeper and rogue-like big fan, I really love your game!

Hi @Betairya and thanks for using some of my sprites.
Just tried your game and it's really cool and I love the mechanics, good job !

And hope next time you will be able to use some animations will be so cool héhé

If you ever need some custom adjustments I'm here for you.

Thanks for your thoughts it helps me a lot !

And the idea of the turtle is really cool and cute.

By holes do you mean traps by any chance ? 

If not then I know what you're talking about and will make them too soon !

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Sound really good ! 

I will try that, thanks for your advice !

What software or langage did you use to make this game ?

Good job! Liked the gameplay remembered me of loop hero, and I love the art well made!

Thank you ! 

Wow love it !
Thank you Harpwood Studio so much for using my assets !

Thanks !

Dungeon Crawler Tileset 

A Tileset to create dungeon crawler games.


Hi, this is my first tileset ever, I'm glad to show it to the itch community !

If you have a critic or anything to say feel free to tell me !


Love it

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This is my new game, a dungeon crawler made with python, turn base combat, spells, items and 3 classes !

I will add more contents in the future like new dungeon type and more monsters !

The game