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Wow, I just discovered this right now and I’d say this is a really cool concept! The level designs are neat, and a smoother learning curve / more levels using newly introduced elements (portals, etc.) will be appreciated. And yeah maybe more polishment as there are quite a lot of noticeable visual issues. But the time is so limited so GJ!

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It’s quite fun and challenging, reminds me of flappy bird lol
GJ >w<

(Please release a video with 100% collectibles, thanks

There’s another “REDDAL” (ladder) somewhere, so you can save one box.

Thank you for playing!

Substantial level design! Very creative xD


The graphics are so lovely! The gameplay is simple, but it offers a chilling feeling. GJ!

Also, maybe don’t use RARs next time (and maybe you can ignore this comment xD)

Thank you for playing! Indeed a tutorial will help, but I didn’t make one this time ;(

You can actually avoid disassembling words by using the reversed “LADDER” word. There’s another “LADDER” somewhere (you can check the word list / full map), and with the help of “LADDER” you can have just enough blocks.

Glad you liked it! xD

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The mechanics itself is already innovative, and the level design brings the game to a new level … There’s so much depth in those levels!

I love the use of negative numbers! Although the graphics etc. can still be improved but it is enough for 48 hours.


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Thank you! Perhaps just use regular words (no reverse), with some plots and polishing it can be a fun english learning game lol

Might be a good idea xD

Thanks for playing it! I was trying to let the players to figure it out without tutorials etc., but seems it is quite confusing. I need to learn more on designing stuffs! xD

Sure! Maybe next time I will try to introduce this mechanics by some easier examples so people can figure it out. Thanks for your comments! -w-

Thank you for playing! Yea perhaps it is quite confusing …

Basically you can move the word “REDDAL”(ladder) next to princess. That word also appears there, and with it as the “ladder” you now have extra blocks.

It’s pretty weird, but it is fun to play. Well done!

11/10 Ultra-Masterpiece

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Quite a fun entry! The gameplay feels a bit long, so it might be better if you add some speed-up functions etc. (or at least let it run in background, though I don’t know if that’s possible for HTML games)

It’s really chill to watch those players wandering around and doing random stuff. Also incredible job within 2 days!

(Also the font is a bit hard to read and the tutorial is quite long, though)


No, it doesn’t. “Every (reversed) word should read left to right or up to down.”

Hope this helps!

Words cannot share a number. Otherwise, it should work fine I think? xD

Maybe you can check the description! Basically, you need to let the letter “S” be in the grid with a number on it.

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You are missing the REDDAL that you have built up before. You can freely move the grids as long as it forms the correct word! Thank you for playing xD

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Sorry for the confusion. I have updated the map, so it is a bit different ;-;;

Wow, congratz!!

Hi! I cannot run the game in my browser. Perhaps you can re-build it with Gzip compression instead of Brotli, which is not supported by itch.

Yea that part is quite strict … you may need to press W+A simultaneously while dashing with K. Also, you need to jump “lefter” than the instruction.

If we got slight more time definitely we will fix this part, the game actually starts when you get out of that room. Anyway, thank you for playing!


There’re some minor bugs but the main mechanics is great!

Thank you for your detailed feedback and glad you liked it so much!
We wish we got more time to polish them all, but already its 7 days! We will tune the volume and invincible frames (we do have them now, but might be too short) before releasing the post-jam version. Cheers!

In fact, we forgot to modify the collider of horizontal platforms lol (tho dashing through them is not mandatory).
Both players do have some invulnerable frames, but perhaps that is too short (after recovering from knockback).

Thank you for the feedbacks and glad you liked it!

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(edit: you have played it, thanks for the fun stream!) ours xD

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No I mean in a pause menu, not the main menu one. I had to refresh and give up all my progress ;;
(or is there a pause menu? I only played the web version.)

After tuning the sensitivity it feels quite good, well done!

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Thanks for your feedback! When you become the white ghost, you are supposed to run backward, all the way to the entrance. (you cannot shoot when you become the ghost.)

We should have made it clearer. As for now, after falling down to the cave, the only thing you can do is to go up, then immediately you will see a new path. so that’s it.

As for the key mapping issues, K might not be the best key to map as also pointed out by others. Nevertheless, we hope you can give it another try and, hopefully, enjoy it. Again, thank you for your feedback!

It feels pretty good! But maybe you need a sensitivity control in the pause menu.

Also, it will be more better if we have more interesting mechanisms in the second run to differentiate it from the first, I guess?
(btw, please turn down the bloom lol)

A pretty fun and polished mining game! Tho I’m glad to see more elements on top of the mining sim, maybe some hidden ancient civilization … well that’s too much lol

The hook feels great!

This is so adorable … <33

wow you are such a gamer. I can only past 400m after playing it for hours lol

Would absolutely love to hear that … !

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I really liked this one:
which is quite a minigame but it is super polished and very fun, with a nice interpretation of the theme.
And, this is ours cuz also why not xD

I am really caught by this game as I am also in transition. It is sometimes scary, but yes, it gets better. Thank you for this work, despite not having enough time, we can see your effort and willingness.

Back to the game, is it intended that the notes don’t align with the music? Maybe otherwise it is too easy? If that’s intended, I think it will quite be a bonus point for me!

(also … not offensive but does the pink circle game community really overlaps that much with the trans community xDD, cuz I am surprised by some rhythm game stuff when I entered the game)

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POV: Instantly listens to the youtube video after finishing this.
The controls feels really tight, and everything mixs well! (the artstyle / music / game content / etc.)
Just maybe not the best fit to the theme, tho.

(For the soundtrack - Won’t there be any license issues?)

I really love the atmosphere and the visuals, it is mind-blowing that you did this in 7 days even if with asset store. Living in such a meadow as an animal feels so good.

The gameplay is quite slow-paced, maybe you can add more points of interest to the map (I know it might be impossible time-wise), which could make it even better! GJ!

Wow this is really unique and sooooo adorable! loved the art and the atmosphere.

Great work!