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ATLYSS community · Created a new topic Bug report thread?
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Hello. I have an odd bug. I can fire up the game and play just fine, however when I open the options I have an issue. I can interact with all the options just fine, but the actual text within the drop-down lists is blank, so I can’t see what I’m selecting.
Launching through the official Itch App on Arch Linux, using latest wine from my repos: wine-8.21 (Staging)

And to answer that, from the pinned FAQ:

  • Can you play as a male character?

Character customization will be mostly geared towards ambiguous/androgynous design options. Once released or if released, the breast/boob feature is a toggle that you can toggle off. There are no plans to add a “bulge” currently unless later posted.

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According to the pinned FAQ:

  • Is this a porn game? Can you have sex in it, will there be sex?

There will be no sex in the game and neither is it a porn game. I’m looking to make this a regular game just with suggestive/nsfw character designs. Atlyss is an “ecchi” game. I do understand that it may come off disappointing, however I believe a game that’s made should be made without anything forced/shoehorned in just to please a demographic. I am not opposed to modifications/hacks by others if they were to apply that in, though.

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Hello Dev! Great game, but lots of us are having trouble installing directly via the itch-app, mostly because of the way itch handles .rar files, especially on Linux.
Itch officially recommends uploading via Butler:

Alternatively, using .7z instead of .rar may sidestep some of these issues for many.

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Hello Dev! Great game, but lots of us are having trouble installing directly via the itch-app, mostly because of the way itch handles .rar files, especially on Linux.
Itch officially recommends uploading via Butler:

Alternatively, using .7z instead of .rar may sidestep some of these issues for many.

Yeah, lots of people have been having that issue when installing from the launcher, me included. I have not seen the dev reply to anyone about these issues, but you should be able to go to the website, and download/extract the game successfully. It’s a pain for it to not be managed by the launcher, but it is at least functional if you do that.

Hoodie, we are not able to install v4.09 via the Itch App. There is some sort of error during the unrar phase; tried in a clean environment with no anti-virus and the issue persists. Downloading via web-browser and decompressing it works, but it would be nice to sort this out so we can keep it managed via the app with the rest of our games.

Voices are a WIP. Dev has a few VAs working on some of the scenes

best public place for that is the dev’s twitter

sounds like a win to me, I don’t think there’s anything to fix there

works for me now, TY <3

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I am actually having that same issue. It looks like SEVERAL people are. I haven’t had the download option for months, and this is the only game that does it for me. OSes I’ve seen people mention are Windows 10, Windows 11, mac, and Linux. So it’s def not a small thing, and we all report that this is the ONLY game that does it. No mention or help from the devs about this at all, even in the official bug report thread. I suggest you go over there and voice it though, it’s more likely to be seen.

What exact issues are you having? By install, do you mean it installs, but doesn’t run, or are you having another issue?

Haven’t seen any replies from Majalis about that issue here as well, unfortunately

Same issue here; no other game has this issue. Just ToA for me

I have the same issue, seen a few posts about it around here. It only happens with ToA, and not any of my other itch games.

At the time of this posting, the download for this game (and ONLY this game) is broken for me. Cannot download through the client; other games download and run fine.

You aren’t the only one.
See here: I recommend posting this in the “known issues and bug reports sticky” so the devs can have better visibility on it.

Hi, “pronoun options” are in the works, according to the patreon channels. I doubt the genital bits are going to change though. pronouns are easy enough with an editor, but genital stuff would require new scripts for the scenes, as well as new artwork, and that’s a lot of work.

same issue here, Arch linux. I reported it in the bug report thread stickied by the devs. I’d reply with a comment there about this.

Heya, having an odd issue using the linux itch-io client. Other games don’t have this issue, so I’m posting it here.

When I go to install the game, the drop-down for the version is blank. Manually selecting a version through the app will bring up the install dialogue, but the version drop-down is still blank. Choosing install results in an error “Cannot read property ‘build’ of undefined”.

Tip: you can increase the “Achievements” values higher than “1” and get more points to spend on starting bonuses for your new adventure. I set mine all to 10 instead of 1, because I’m lazy and it’s only 1 button to press :)

+1, zero configuration needed from my part on latest wine-staging. Quite a nice surprise.

Well, it may depend on a few things. To start with, it’ll help if we know how you are running it. Are you on Windows, or another Operating System?

Fantastic game, but nearly unplayable on linux, even with GTX 1080 Ti and 4.20ghz 6-core cpu

Small oversight: In the current weekly build (, When you lose to the Tentacle Witch in combat the tentacle animations do not play during the scene.

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Ok, it sounds like you’re trying to run the rar. A rar is a file like .zip, it’s a compressed file that you have to use a special program to decompress it first. 7-Zip is what I use, it’s free and very well known.

Download and install 7zip from here: if you have a 64 bit machine, then select the windows 64-bit x64 option. If you have a 32-bit machine, then select the 32-bit x86 option. There are other free ones that you can use, such as winrar or winzip, but I recommend 7zip.

Once you’ve installed 7-zip, restart your computer and try again. If it doesn’t work automatically after that, we’ll dig a bit deeper. One more question, are you opening it through the app, or are you downloading it from the itch website?

Also: The devs release a new version of the game monthly. A new version will be out in (likely) a day or two with new content, so you may want to wait just a tiny bit.

Is it giving you any sort of error? Or is it just not launching at all?

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Hi, figured I’d save others some trouble if they can’t get it running on various Linux distros.

On the distros that I’ve tried, it seems that usually an unsupported jre/jdk version is the culprit of most of my startup failures. Further complicating it is that there is Oracle JDK, and Open JDK. Most Linux distros will use OpenJDK over Oracle, since it’s open-source.

Check your official repos and see what versions of java you can install from them. For me, OpenJDK-14, and OpenJDK-11 fail to start ToA. However, OpenJDK-8 starts it just fine. You may have to grab a few different versions and switch between them to find a working one.

Note: Simply installing a different JDK usually won’t change your default one, so you’ll have to manually change it. For example, I have OpenJDK 14, 11, 8, and 7 installed from my official repos. Each distro will have it’s own methods of changing the default version, but for Arch based distros like mine (Manjaro) I go into my console and type this to see what my default and available versions are:

archlinux-java status

This command prints:

  java-11-openjdk (default)

To set it to another version (in this case, OpenJDK 8), I would type:

sudo archlinux-java set java-8-openjdk

Again, these particular commands are for Arch based distros, so look around online for the proper way to change it for the distro that you are using.