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The ability will become apparent soon if of course I'm allowed to update the game during the jam, thanks for playing.

Just you wait on those particles my friend, they have a use. Thanks for the feedback!

Really good use of the theme, and extremely polished for a jam game, good job!

Most polished game I've played so far. Just what I expected from a game from the amazing dream team, Space and Clone! Good job you guys and I can't wait to see what you two make next.

Pretty cool game, I felt that the boss needed a few more attacks though.

Awesome game with a retro feel. Felt like I was playing an old arcade game. The art and animation was great and I can't wait to see more from you. Also trying to get the little enemy to get hit by the bosses attacks was a great idea!

A jam winner for sure! Its an amazing idea an executed well. Good job!

I wanted the controls to be a bit slippery, but I should have probably made the mouse controls a bit better, thanks for playing!

Great idea! I was encountering some of that issue in playtesting. Thanks for playing .

Thank you for playing!

Haha yeah, probably should have added one, but glad you liked it!

Really amazing idea, once I got the hang of it. Could have done with some music or sound,  but the visuals were nice and it played well!

Awesome work! The attacks felt hard to avoid but I liked what you did with the theme, good job.

Amazing art and game, animations and background were superb. The boss had a bit too much health In my opinion and maybe the powerup could have been more frequent. Besides that, amazing game. 

Very well designed boss fight.  The controls felt a bit stiff at times, and I felt you should be able to attack in the air, but I genuinely had a fun time playing it.

Thanks you for the feed back and glad you enjoyed.

Thanks so much, I should have probably added a health ui. But the health was  one of the   last thing I really implemented as weird as that sounds, so I was pressed for time.

An incredible game as always, and a good use of the theme. The highlight for me was when you got into the spaceship and it became more of the classic shmup. The juice was on point and every shot felt impactful. The levels could have been a bit longer, but it was amazing for a jam game. It reminded me of Planet P0LR, but it was actually good. Genuinely fun to play and I hope to see more like this from you mate!

It is canon in the fennecfu universe, that fennec is a naked mole rat with long ears, hence the pink colouring.

I'll take that into consideration if I ever update the game.

Pretty cool game! You did a good job and the puzzles were interesting

Love the game my guy, such a cool entry! Wish I could have entered too, but life. Sorry I couldn't make music for it, but Space did end up making a banger!

Wow thx, that means a lot!

Thx so much. Don't blame yourself we put the levels together last minute.

We'll charge that  if we ever update the game. Thanks for  playing.

I can see why this is the top rated game. Good Job!

The music got a bit repetitive and the controls felt a bit off. But I enjoyed the game and think you did a good job.

I loved the game! Could have done with some music but it was very good!

Thx so much, glad you liked it! BBomb (who made the main mechanic) loves to create with  speed running in mind. So thats why the mechanic appealed to him

Thx so much! I worked really hard on the music and sound, I wasn't the one who made the mechanics. I agree the orb was a bit finicky. 

Loved the game you did a really good job! The take on the theme was very interesting and I could see a full game of this!

You are very pog for checking it out!

Thx so much! We way over scoped but I'm glad you liked it.


Thanks so much my guy!

Wow what an entry! The pixel art and writing was amazing! The word catching system was very hard. Sometimes I would click on a word and it wouldn't show up, so I ended up doing everything wrong. I enjoyed the games story and this is definitely a unique entry.

Thank BBomb for the mechanic! I did all the art and music and we stressed a lot, but having three programmers on your side takes a lot of stress off you. Glad you enjoyed the game.

Love the whole art deal you got going on! The music was nice and smooth and the whole presentation was great, I couldn't beat the last two levels cuz I'm a noob lol.

Thank ya so  much my guy!