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Swapping the archer with the wheel or horse in a way that leaves a gap between them makes only the horse move with carriage commands, the wheel stays wherever it was when you swapped.

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I only seem to be able to attack my own units. Can't target the goblins.
Here I've moved the archer and selected attack, but instead of targeting the goblin, its targeting one of my own units.
Same occurs with the swordsman.

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Ah. I'm using the itch client. Maybe if I try uninstalling and then installing again, instead of the reinstall option. Will give that a go.

Edit: Fixed it! Nice!

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I keep getting a crash on load on the latest update.

I click launch, see an all black screen, then that error. Clicking OK kills the app.

I've tried reinstalling.

I've got Windows 10, x64, GeForce GTX 1080

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Maybe instead of having a Host and Join button, just have one multiplayer button.

It could check for a match to join, like the join button currently does, and if it doesn't find any, just switch to hosting until someone joins.

Maybe a cancel button on the hosting screen too.


Closed the game and tried that again and it worked this time. Perhaps it's just not working immediately after completing the tutorial or something.

I've tried clicking, dragging, and dropping them into the large rectangle under my deck's name but they just land back with the other cards. I assumed that's how you do that.

is there a way to drop items?