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thank you magi for the puppy, and sara, wherever you are, your message made my day ;_; this game is the sweetest. I'm gonna play it all day

I've never seen a game made like this. It was so moving!! thank you for this game.

I left a review so hopefully you can read the rest of my enjoyment on there (I hope creators can see reviews!!) but I also wanted to leave a comment after I saw you were based in Melbourne! I also live in melbourne and the environment in this game seemed distinctly not Australian (except maybe for Tasmania) but still managed to remind me of pieces of places I'd been and loved dearly. So I wanted to know, is the landscape and/or architecture in this illustration inspired by any places you've been? Because I would love to go there.

this was so lovely. I've been wanting to make or see a game just like this for so long, especially in regards to melbourne. I love how it focuses on the little things, like injokes of the everyday, quaint little things like checking the label to see if it recycles, rather than the big landmarks everyone thinks of when thinking about melbourne. the fact it takes a few tries to get the myki to work is so funny and true. this made me so indescribably happy. thank you.

I'm crying ;_;

I'm so sorry for spoilers!! I can delete the comment if you want!! thankyou for responding though!! I will continue to play until I've experienced every card before getting out, and that will be a reward of its own!!

This is so cool!! I hope you can see rating comments cuz I don't wanna bother you with putting my ecstatic review in the comments too. but this is undoubtedly a favourite game!! what you've done to this page to match it is also awesome!! I just have a question, is the angel battle supposed to be 'winnable' somehow? cuz I got the 'you're free to go now' ending when I failed the time trial cards, so I presumed it was a failure. but then I also did everything right and still got cut short and given that ending, so I'm not sure! is there another ending or is that just it? either is cool! I love the way the game closes itself when you're free to go! anyway! thanks in advance!