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This is so cool!! I hope you can see rating comments cuz I don't wanna bother you with putting my ecstatic review in the comments too. but this is undoubtedly a favourite game!! what you've done to this page to match it is also awesome!! I just have a question, is the angel battle supposed to be 'winnable' somehow? cuz I got the 'you're free to go now' ending when I failed the time trial cards, so I presumed it was a failure. but then I also did everything right and still got cut short and given that ending, so I'm not sure! is there another ending or is that just it? either is cool! I love the way the game closes itself when you're free to go! anyway! thanks in advance!


That is the only ending! I am sorry it is confusing. I meant it to seem like you have won and or lost. Something in between to match the theme of unsure-ity.
The creature at the end delivers Bug to the next realm of Limbo. Bug is safe.

I'm so sorry for spoilers!! I can delete the comment if you want!! thankyou for responding though!! I will continue to play until I've experienced every card before getting out, and that will be a reward of its own!!

It is fine. I put that warning there for anyone else who reads it. The cards currently in the game are: justice, moon, hermit, tower, priestess, hierophant, death, magician, and temperance