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I left a review so hopefully you can read the rest of my enjoyment on there (I hope creators can see reviews!!) but I also wanted to leave a comment after I saw you were based in Melbourne! I also live in melbourne and the environment in this game seemed distinctly not Australian (except maybe for Tasmania) but still managed to remind me of pieces of places I'd been and loved dearly. So I wanted to know, is the landscape and/or architecture in this illustration inspired by any places you've been? Because I would love to go there.


Hello! I'm not sure where I would be able to find the review. Where did you post it? I'd love to have a look.

Yes! I've been in Melbourne for my whole life now :) That's super interesting to hear that it's reminded you of locations around Aus. You're quite right in that for whatever reason Australian landscapes are only a minor influence within Short Trip. 

Architecture wise, the game combines a mash-up of many style influences, ranging from traditional English cottages to Norwegian stave churches. I would say that the build materials take a higher priority when describing the styles though– I tend to idealise natural construction materials (slate, bluestone, dark hardwoods) and take great joy in their ornate combination and assembly! When referencing landscapes, I feel it would be fair to say that I'm greatly influenced by the alpine regions of Victoria and the Bogong High Plains in summer. I love the rough ground above the tree line!

I have to mention the Hakone Mountain Railway in Japan, which was one of the key influences when making this. It's a beautiful switchback railway near Fuji that weaves up through endless tunnels, forests, bridges and little towns. I couldn't recommend visiting this place enough :)

Thanks again!