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The game looks like its coming together nicely. But i have noticed some small details that could use some fixing.

  • The run cycle of the character doesn't feel natural. The animation seems a bit slow like the character is running through mud 24/7 :P
  • Coin bags that fall from trees are unable to be picked up due to full inventory, even if the inventory is completely empty
  • The key that is bought never gets placed into the inventory regardless of how full or empty it is

Just some smol bugs I found while playing.

Most likely a bug, I have yet to remove any games myself. I'll check around to see what's going on but you may resubmit.

Ask and receive, here is a key

If the game follows the theme, then yes. I should probably change one of the rules but tabletop/LARP games are fine.

But I'ma post it anyway.

Getting this Jam out to the world, real excited to see what people create for Not Quite Expected!


This game jam will looking at creator's abilities to do the unexpected. Surprise the player by making something seem like one thing, but in reality just the opposite.

The general rules are

  1. Respect each other, especially in this kind of Jam
  2. Teams may be up to 4 people
  3. Project must be submitted within the given time

More in depth rules about a submitted project can be found in the link above.

One, the little bowl of whipped cream says, "GASP"