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A very complete game :)

hey Aditya! I did it! I escaped :) A simple idea that takes me back when we loved to have anything 3D

so coool ranking timessssss

they are beautiful indeed

Amazing work! I really like bullet hells, super fanatic. This looks so finished, awesome music and those spriteeeeeeeeeeeeeees, excellent animations!

Hahaha feels like a Bomberman with a new game that I forgot the name. I do agree that playing alone is not as fun! maybe add an AI???

Cool game!

Such a classic gameplay! Good for this jam :) Nice little game with several levels c: I think you can expand this idea into a nice minigame for mobile. I would recommend changing the music for something less repetitive. Good work!

Thank for you playing! We are very motivated with this concept. We will keep working on it :3

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Simple and Cool :)

Awesome! Glad you tried it out. Yes, good observation. This is simply a build with very minimal functionality.

Next steps include: a) Multiplayer working properly b) AI, longer battles, and full features of the REI System c) A story mode with 3 different levels/types of challenges :)

Thank you ^^ !

Hillarious GM character. Loved the main mechanic!

Good initiative! Thanks for sharing :) We are also looking to upload some postmortem. I think we should use this outlet if possible! Sharing on the discord ^^

Cool game! An artful experience ^^

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A card game for tabletop roleplaying!

Please try our demo and leave your thoughts <3

Jam page: Game page:

Please download the TTRPG Basic Rulebook here.

Awesome! Great work all c: Please check that audio crackling noise on the web version. It distracts from a wonderful scene!

That jetpack! Cool concept and fun execution :3

That jetpack! Cool concept and fun execution :3

Thanks for everything B+W Jam 2021 :) !

We aim to create a simple card mechanic for Tabletop Role playing games.

We believe that a duel/tournament centered narrative is the most appropriate context.

Here we will upload all the documents related to the TTRPG and our testing sessions.

If you are interested in trying it our please download the trial, and if you want to try out the TTRPG experience, reach out to us :)


Hajime Studio

also using your mouse left-click works for shooting :)

Yes, for rule B. But c’mon! Rule A all the waaaay :) I really like the simple restrictions for this jam ^^