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ECLIPSE; the Curse of the Sun and the Moon

This is an adventure and puzzle game in a horror environment. The game is inspired by ZX spectrum game Atic Atac. The art and animation of the game is designed to represent old style games.


A strange phenomena named eclipse occurred in an abandoned house. The house is affected by the curse of eclipse where as ghosts become visible, objects are moving and doors are opening and closing. You as the main character had a strange dream related to the abandoned house. It looks like the dream was indirect message from a super natural power which tells you to visit the house. Then, your story began when your curiosity led you to find the secret of the house.

How to play

The goal of the game is to avoid enemies, find keys to open different doors and collect scrolls to open the gate to the heaven. There are also notes to be found which guide you through the game.

Game difficulty

The puzzle of the game become more difficult and complex the more you progress in the game. You have only nine lives or hearts to complete the game which takes two hours for a normal person. If you find it difficult, do not worry. Because, you always can save and load.

The game is playable with three camera views; third person, first person and top down. While top down view gives the easiest experience, It becomes very challenging when switch to first person view.