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Nice gameplay!

Carestia is a game that mixes logical thinking to solve puzzles and precise action battles in a 2D side scrolling platformer. The game uses pixel art, bringing back to memory classic games, has metroidvania elements and modern platformers, making a good mix of old and new.

Que coisa linda!

Pretty cool game, the blocks changing while te character is dead or alive is great!

Amazing this song makes me to want to make a sonic-like game

omg so pretty

Oi, que tipo de arte?

Thank you so much

Nice one! I forgot to remove a debug function

Thank you Nicole!!

Oooo that sounds good!

Boa! Parabéns! 🎆

Fico feliz que tenha gostado! Muito obrigado pelo apoio!

I've got a cool story from the game, thank you!

Tá bem legal, parabéns!

Thank you so much for playing and recording! 

I have never noticed that the game never teaches the player how to play, I should update it, 

you can choose the squirrel color pressing the keys [Q] [W] [E] [R] so you can crush different types of meteors!

It's a good score haha

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A simple arcade game I developed for android and now I'm launching for PCs

Keep with the good work!

Thanks for playing! And for the feedback I really enjoyed the video :D

I will add a curiosity about the title in the game page :D

Thank you so much for the feedback, I'm happy you liked it

Thank you for the feedback, I'm glad you liked it! 

Thank you so much for the feedback Playcebo! 

Can you believe I just skipped the theme? lol I will try to improve the level design in next versions, I really want to keep this project up to date and funny.

About your curiosity: I didn't, It was a bad design problem making the player to think it has to cover all the tiles 

OMG, i did a wrong tagging, thanks for alert me! And sorry

The biggest point for me is that the controls are very responsive, hope you guys keep developing this game

Thank you, your sugestion is good!

Thank you Seltzy, nice to see you again!

Thank you so much! 

Very good controls, congrats!

Cool, nice controls!

Nice submit, idk if the screen rate is making a weird effect in the graphics but it doesn't make any trouble for the gameplay

I liked, remembered me the lucas arts games I used to play when I was a kid :D 

Awesome use of colors!

Nice entry, It's very hard to stop to walk haha, it makes the game more challenging. For me the level design was the best thing in the game!

It went so hard for me ( NOOB here ). I loved the entry and will replay it again :D

Nice entry, thanks.

Simple and good, offers what the title says. Nice entry :)

The graphics was the highest thing for me, I'd love to see more stuff about these characters. Sadly doesn't have music. The "game boy feel" was outstanding, I had a feel like when I played pokemon silver for the first time when I was a kid. Good job

That would be great Eva!

Add me in discord: Haharo#6923