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I dont have an image but xD
Lesotho and South Africa united into, you guessed it, Lesotho-South Africa
nothing to call home about, just a basic union between two nations that should already by united irl tbf
but the most hilarious thing happened

after like, 20 years of peace, Lesotho-South Africa vibing and doing nothing
Lesotho declares independence from Lesotho-South Africa, and proceeds to annex ALL of Lesotho-South Africa

such a fuckin chad move man

This game is truly beautiful. I played it, and learned what it felt like to want to die. Playing this game made me want to put my squid gun to my head, and press escape.

A couple of the best cards from Deadmeme Time Warriors

Dalian Knuckles was made to just be a pun on Salvador Dali, and ended up being one of the first 2 Cards that inspired me to make this set

Its time to Stop! was the first card made in the entire Deadmeme Time Warriors set and was actually made without the intention to make a set

Clock Rick is one im super proud of because i actually drew ALL of it, while most of the cards are more frankensteining shit together with minimal unique contributions from me

Timeforged Squidward is a dead squidward given a heart made out of Temporal Space, reviving him and giving him time manipulation abilities. I like it because its the only Fullart Card :3

Timetravelling Viditya is our god, for he created Basic TCG and can timetravel, so we shall worship him, bow before his greatness U_U

Temporal Bandits

Made this for screwing around with time, and screwing over your friends >:3 encourages time debauchery and CRIME


I actually thought that there was a chance of death when i started but there wasnt. My personal opinion? Dont add death add lots(i mean lots) of endings and if you mess up in spots that you think it would jus be easier to kill the player in you should take the hard route and turn it into a guaranteed pathway to a bad ending.

I. Love. This. Game. I would gladly pay 5-10 dollars for this game to be double the length and have like 5 cards instead of 3.

I did a special speedrun of this game where i went as fast as i could till room 5 and always picked the left option. I call it the LRRW(Left is Right and Right is Wrong)% speedrun. My time was 53.49 seconds. Reply if you beat my time on a LRRW%.

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I did a "speedrun" of this game. The challenge was to perform all medical options(including diagnose) on a Rich person without anyone else dying. I did it in 2:44 and came close to another rich person dying but did it before they died. Reply if you beat me at an AllIn1%(the name ive made for this speedrun).

Your game is so much better than mine xD

i made this: ive updated it twice since i made it but imo it still kinda sucks

but your game is really fun and i hope you make more levels

My entry for this jam was in fact my first ever game and this is the first jam ive ever joined :)

Hehe maybe ill make em less squishy next update, after all, it is Brik.

This game is absolutely amazing. I can only recommend it and wish for sequels and updates.


Looks great! Cant wait!(yes im proud of that rhyme)

Should I trust the malware warning I got after downloading this game?

This game is beautiful and amazing looking! I hear that you're making another game and if its in this art style, or just related to this games universe, it would make me over Moon(the best character) happy!

The only problem i have is that i cant exit the shop because when i press the cancel button it just asks if i want to buy. Ill sent screenshots if you want, but I hope that you do fix it.