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First Ever Game, First Ever Game Jam

A topic by daninator321 created Aug 05, 2020 Views: 190 Replies: 8
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So this is going to be my first ever game and also my first ever game jam,  so far it is just a main menu and 3 levels so can you tell me how it is so far thank you.

Oh and its called "Back To Spawn".

Back To Spawn


My entry for this jam was in fact my first ever game and this is the first jam ive ever joined :)


Your game is so much better than mine xD

i made this: ive updated it twice since i made it but imo it still kinda sucks

but your game is really fun and i hope you make more levels

Hey, good job. I enjoyed all the 3 levels and admired your work. Keep it up!

i loved your game, for "First Game" , that's AWESOME , my first game ever is very stupid compair to yours!


you can try a demo of my game here


also here's my first game


Nice, I like this


Really great, and if this is your first game ever truly, really great idea and well executed :)