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just sent


after almost a year without game dev im willing to join this gameJam with a team.
im an experienced dev.

im looking to pair with some one or join an existing team as an extra help 

really nice game!

I was wating for the jam for like a month and I got really disappointed... the theme limits u instead of inspiring.

I got an idea but I dont really excited about working on it, I hate this theme :(

im sorry the team leader says that we are full

I got a team but no ideas wanna join us?

great game, loved it!

sounds like a great feature to add, i will consider it.
thanks for the review!

i didnt accually understand the game, i won every round (i think at least) but there isnt a clear goal. before you will think im stupid or somthing let me explaine - i do understand there are 2-3 houses you need to bomb every round but i dont know how much is it related to theme. also how could you lose? just bombing the worng house? mabye i missed that but i didnt saw any kind of tutorial and becuse of that its quiet hard to understand. especially in strategy games like this, you must make sure that the goal, the loosing and the winning conditions are obvious or clearly explained.

Anyway the game is fun and could definitely become a great full game with some fixes (if you will continue to work on this game and will follow the hints i mentioned please let me know) 

good luck anyway!

the no music and sound effects kinda ruined it for me, i also see that the game submitted 8h before the end, you should definitely add sound to the game!

Baside that i truly enjoy the game, i think that if you will continue to work on this project it clearly could be a hit! i sent it to few of my friends and they loved it too, some of them even willing to purchase it as a full game (of course some levels **and sounds** need to be added). im clearly see a future for this minigame, good luck!

didnt get the point of the game... unfortunetly i there is not any restart button :/

i loved that the game doesnt require download.

BUT -  and there is a big but (dont make NSFW jokes out of it), the sound effects and the camera shake are too exaggerated, every step i did i was shaking out of high volume sound and massive screen shake, it will totaly ruin even a great game for me!

i dont like installers :\

would be quiet fun if i only had a goal, i didnt get the point in spaming a mouse and watch some exploding animation with out any thinking, or aming skills.

allthough the mood of the game is very fun and light.

Not Bad,

doesnt work

i loved the game, only restart function (that restart the same level and not forcing you to go the whole game from the begining) is missing. also the cycle between animations is quiet wierd. (when you stop walking down\up the character starts looking left or right and it gives the player laggy feel)

tnx for the review. by the way nightmares that pass through does give you pently (-50 score).

yes, ha ha

i assume you didnt read the tutorial, i know... i know my fault becuse i haven't make an interactable tutorial or somthing like it, block of text is pretty boaring to read.
- you got the negative points from the cake, ballons, candies and other *dreams symbols* , as you should. in the game you should hit only the monster like object.