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I've came to see if there was a new update haha. I know you stopped working on this. I understand your reasons, but its kinda sad too haha. Thx for sharing your work. I hope you got at least some good experience! Bye!

Hi! Nice update!

I've tested both versions, webGL and PC. The web version seems to be too heavy for my laptop, and it loaded as a small screen in the window. My review is about the PC version.

- The chests and the new animations are awesome, feels more survival! I've noticed another chest model near the police station entrance, will you make it usable too?

I'd like to see the items inside the chests after openning it though, and then picking them up (like in the METRO series if you have already played), but maybe the camera needs to be smoother for that.

- I've found at least one ghost wall. But I really think the map layout won't need atention too soon. By the way, your model designer skills are very impressive! You've made much material already. 

- Mouse needs to be more responsive, or you were trying to make the character's reflexes realistic?

- When going to the end of the first street you pass through an alley.  I don't like to see the area loading in mid game, it's ugly. A passage or a wall could hide the objects until they appear. Got it?


The RUNNERS are the best, I want to see LOTS of them! As a robotic insurgency, I really want to see a scene where you face dozens of runners! Maybe in the main street.

FLYING BOTS, since they are slow, should have a mid/long range attack, maybe something that slows you down or paralyses. Imagine it shooting an electric orb that can be dodged.
I didn't like their design so much. they look fat but not agressive, except by the red lights.


I would like it better as a "press" button, not a "toggle" button. 

People may say It should cost stamina. But... 

For the time I've been playing, It's too good for being a secondary movement. I would prefer to use the shift to walk and let the sprint to be the default movement. And that way it won't cost stamina.

Maybe you can add a button to invert usage of "walk" and 'run"?

- I can see that humanity is NOT dead yet heh! Maybe It's a prologue? Just thinking.

Looks like those people running on the street have something to say. I don't mind leaving them speechless.

Enough for today! I hope you understand everything I said. Thanks for letting everyone play this early game of yours. I'll still be replaying it and waiting for the next updates.

Remember that all said is my opinion only! Please, don't get me wrong.

Follow your instincts! See you!

It bugged. When the game changed scenario in a blink i wasnt at an intended place, that led me to continue at the initial area, permiting me to wander through the map. 

I saw many well constructed places, inside buildings too. I could appreciate some art there. Ive seen many buildings that in actual game you cant see... try deleting some stuff to make the playthrough smoother.

P.S.  I loved those cars. Made me imagine a larger world, where you can drive the streets. I know it'd be a challenge. but maybe just a motorbike would make it very cool... smashing robots in the way...

LOVED IT! The character isnt human, right? lol! Robozombies are cool!

About the game: (played on windows)

--- Resident evil is a very good style to go. I enjoyed very much switch the gun back to the holster, added much realism.

--- Ragdolls are fun. Interacting with them, besides shooting, would be also cool.

--- Im sure you are gonna tweak the camera sooner or later. I would not focus so much on that right now, the game is playable.

--- Im sure again that youre gonna add another gun (or granade, or whatever) asap ^^.

--- Your level design is good. Dont let people say its your fault when THEY dont know where to go.

--- The atmosphere is PERFECT.  It would atract more "eyes" to this game by adding some little eastereegs about the upcoming lore (maybe some places to press "E" ou "F" to activate a text popup).

Again... dont focus on a thing or solve early glitches. 

Make the game show its features, let your imagination flow without getting stuck.

You have a very nice replayable game here! I'll be glad to continue giving feedbacks of gameplay or help the development somehow. Im looking forward to the updates.

Yeah! Background MOB FIGHTS! I`m really curious about what that Giant can do.