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It bugged. When the game changed scenario in a blink i wasnt at an intended place, that led me to continue at the initial area, permiting me to wander through the map. 

I saw many well constructed places, inside buildings too. I could appreciate some art there. Ive seen many buildings that in actual game you cant see... try deleting some stuff to make the playthrough smoother.

P.S.  I loved those cars. Made me imagine a larger world, where you can drive the streets. I know it'd be a challenge. but maybe just a motorbike would make it very cool... smashing robots in the way...

I need to investigate on that bug, it seems quite random. The web version lacks of optimization, the heavy parts are the dynamic lights which I fixed partially (the sudden "blink" at the end of the corridor because I loaded synchronously lights of the next area).
Actually I wanted the player to be able to drive a car at the beginning, inspiration was from Cyberpunk 2077 demo, I will try to add it in the next game update.