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If you downloaded it from there should be no virus in it. There will only be a warning saying it is untrusted software. If it says there is a virus in it don't use it. Maybe you got a version someone messed around with. It can also be a false-positive though. 

accuse? Not sure I understand 

The link to the Discord  is on the main page. Uninstalling alone is sadly not enough. You need to delete the entire content of the directory where you installed it before reinstalling. 

Hi, you can try deleting the directory where you installed it. It looks like there is some files that still belong to 1.5.6 which confuse 1.5.9. After deleting the directory install the latest version again. If this doesn't fix it you can try deleting the saved profiles and avatars. The latest version uses Unity 2019 avatars and loading an older avatar may crash SUVA. 

Eyetracking is implement to always look at the camera, it is not relative to the head or chest. You can test this by looking at the center of the SUVA window and rotating the camera left and right, you will see that the avatar keeps looking at you until it hits its range limit. In SUVA 2.0 this entire system gets updated and you will be able to choose what is being looked at. SUVA 1.X will not receive any feature updates but only bug fixes when needed. This is not a bug though, this was by design.

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Hi, currently there is only eye tracking based on Tobii Tracking and lipsync based on voice input. Gestures, facial expressions etc. are triggered using keyboard shortcuts but need to come with the model in form of animations. 

Support for face tracking based on your actual face is not yet available.

Leap motions support is one of the features I am working on currently. 

I suggest you try for example VSeeFace instead as it fits you better. It comes with webcam tracking and leap motion support.

Thanks for letting me know. I am working on getting the 2019 version released this weekend which will hopefully fix this as well. If it still happens after the update please let me know again.

Thank you! I will release it soon when everything works again. A few things stopped working after the update.

Hi. I use 2D gazepoints. I don't have phone support in SUVA and it is also not planned any time soon. SUVA is still in the process of opening up the possibility to easily add new tracking systems so that in the future I can support new tracking technologies without much work. So right now I am not yet interested. 

Despite that I appreciate the offer very much! Thank you! 

I don't know what that means.

It is not supported directly. In case there is tools that make it show up as steamvr tracker then these virtual trackers can be used in suva.

With the latest version of SUVA?

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either you need to import the unity package that comes with suva or your unity project has compile errors that prevent any script from showing up. Check the console window, click the clear button and start with the first red or purple message.

As long as it is a SteamVR compatible tracker anything can be used for hand position tracking. 

Thanks for letting me know!
You can try deleting your AvatarProfiles.json file (make a backup first though). Maybe something in your saved profile is causing it. You can find it via a button in the avatar settings. Afterwards restart SUVA.

Also make sure that your start SteamVR first before you start SUVA, it likes to change your audio devices to the VR HMD (in case you use SteamVR tracking).

Hi.  I am sorry but SUVA is not really a vr application. Eye tracking in a vr headset simply does not work with the current implementations in SUVA or would look super weird as the player is not facing the screen. Not many people have a pimax and even less have one with eyetracker... so I am sorry but i don't see myself adding support for it. 

Thanks for letting me know. The eyes will close when looking at a second monitor.  That is a limitation by Tobii tracking and the way I interpret blinking from it. 

What should not happen however is that the eyes get stuck.  I will look into that.

Besides that I noticed that your avatars eyes are very twitchy. You may want to increase the virtual monitor distance and adjust the limits a bit. 

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Something like that is planned for SUVA 2.0. I haven't changed the light setup in the recent update.  As long as your avatar has no additional light sources it should look fine.  I will also check again to make sure that I didn't mess this up ;) 

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The issue is related to the plugin being out of date. I will update SUVA later today. That should fix tracking with tobii tracker 5.

In the avatar menu, it is next to the import button. It opens your explorer at the location where all your imported avatars and settings are stored. 

You can try open the avatar cache directory and delete the json directory inside it. This will delete your avatar profiles though. 

Dynamic bones are supported. Check that you use the supported unity version 2018. 4.20f1. Check that the dynamic bone component has a root bone assigned.

Only SteamVR and Tobii Tracking is supported. 

Is on my list and planned.

Check if it works on the example avatar, if it works with that one it is most likely related to your avatar.

There is a section on the main page for it. Also in SUVA there is the About menu option containing the same information. I think I have to show it at the very beginning when you open SUVA. I hid it too well :)

You are welcome. This bug occurs sometimes and will be fixed in future updates. 

Thank you for this information. To my knowledge it is safe to use SUVA. If this turns out to not be the case at some point I am going to alert everyone.

locate the file called AvatarProfiles.json and delete it. Restart SUVA afterwards and try again. Also make sure you are using the latest version and created the avatar with Unity 2018.4.20f1.

This can happen because it is unknown Software I guess. If you downloaded it here on there should be nothing malicious in SUVA.

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It means that one or more default visemes might not exist on the Skinned Mesh Renderer of your avatar. Find the ones that don't exist (in my example it is is called 'example_invalid' and I replace it with one that exists on my avatar: 'Nagomi').

It has been added to 2.0, still working on the facetracking part to control emotes using your own face. 

Please double check that you followed the guide exactly. To get the base stations to show up make sure they are running (leds are on and they make noise) and wave the paired trackers aroundin front of them. If this doesn't make them show up you can try connecting a tracker directly via usb to the pc and wave the tracker around afterwards again. This can help. As soon as the base stations show up unplug the tracker again. If you still have issues please join the discord server linked here or in SUVA where you can get more information. 

You can use it. Currently an avatar needs to have eye bones assigned though in the import settings in unity. Suva was originally not intended to be used with avatars that do not have eyes. If your avatar does not have eyes you can try assigning an unused bone to both eyes or create empty eyebones in e. g. Blender. Suva has fake eyetracking built in that moves these bones when you don't have a tobii tracker. 

LookAtIk is a component that I use to control avatar eyes. Maybe your avatar has no eye bones set up. Without them it will not work. 

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Yes you can use only one, the hand positions can be adjusted with sliders. There is a webcam tracking solution created by the developer of VSeeFace which I will probably integrate into SUVA in the future.

It can use Vive, Vive controllers and Trackers for tracking. You can't use it to see the avatar in VR.

It is.

Hi. Having a Unity SDK is certainly desirable. Not just for SUVA but in general. Personally I don't own an iPhone but if there was an SDK and there is demand I'd consider integrating it. 

I was testing back then but wasn't happy with either the tools or the conditions attached to them. I might have a working solution soon though.