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It was a pleasant experience :)

PixDither community · Created a new topic Vegas version?

Could you please make ports of this and some other plugins (when possible) to Vegas?

I'll do this project after finishing a few major ones ^^

Don't worry, it's on my stack.

In case somebody is in a great hurry finishing their game and is aaalmost done, I added extra extra 3 hours to the jam so they can stresslessly export their creations and upload them!

QR Desktop Jam community · Created a new topic Extra time

Hey! Have you finished your game? Good. Now You have extra time to test it ^^

If you didn't even start... you still have time. Until next Friday.

Ok, now I can turn it on. There are people shooting at me, musical gun and...

was it supposed to be all black?

Thank you! Just a few more weeks/months when I get to finally work on it and finish it.

I've installed it, but a few seconds after opening (valve logo/tittle screen), it closes.

Well it's a visual novel, so it's bad by proxy.

Annoying and confusing to figure out what one could do. Good job!

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Nice pixelart! Too good for this jam ^^

Also, I appreciate being able to just jump over some of the enemies.

Carbs are highly caloric.

Well done! A perfect 5 in every category.

It's kinda bad, repetitive, and the models look cheap. good job on that.

The experience is not unpleasant enough, especially music.

This game looks and feels too polished for this jam, and, sadly, is actually playable.

Thanks for the easter egg!

Quite good game, too playable for this jam.

Still, it's pretty repetitive, which is a plus.

Feels cyberpunky.

Good job at making controlling the car so bad!

Worst game on this jam I've played so far.

Good job, yet, there's not that much content imho.

It was short and therefore I didn't get tired.

Yay, worst ending ^^ kinda too playable to be a bad game, yet it's random/luck based so... I can deal with that.

QR Desktop Jam community · Created a new topic Hello!

Hello and welcome to this jam!

Please feel free to discuss the QR jam here, on this forum.

Hope you have fun making games for this jam ^^

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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Annoying to take control over the course of the match, the stalling players usually win... good job on this jam ^^

It's a construct 2 game ^^ Thanks for playing!

This is how a so bad it's good game should look like <3

One of the very few entries that got it right. Highest rated by me one so far.

Also, thx for the blend file ^^ Call me if you want to do something fun.

It was crappy. Good job ^^

Also, having to download 2 files separately added to the experience.

It was playable. Kinda like those early freeware games from 00's, made by 16 year old kids.

Sadly, not a bad game.

Looks bad. Difficulty is off and broken (too easy to be conventionally enjoyable). It was fun ^^

Bonus points for Hong Kong.

Please don't fix the controls. It makes the game worse and better fitting for this jam.

Now, it looks like a tiny bit bad artistic game ^^ good job :)

Still, graphics should be worse. Its too pleasant for this jam.

Too playable and good looking to be a "so bad" game.

Glad you appreciated the art style here ^^ I am glad I got a reaction on that.

I hope your experience was noisy, confusing and yet... interesting.

It's kinda confusing and unintuitive to control... good job on the jam side ^^

I found this thing fun in both bad and good way.

Nice graphics, but not enough kitsch in it.

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Just in in-between point between being good and bad.

But not in a boring way ^^'

It's an assist trophy worthy game.

Cheap/knockofish graphics. Engrish. Well balanced fun with annoyances. Bad and confusing game design.

But, most importantly, it should be made of love, from creators heart and it should show his vision and personality.  It should be a monument of honesty. 

The intentionally made "so bad it's good" games are a different and risky category.

It's kinda an art to make "so bad it's good" stuff intentionally. 

When doing so, one should have higher understanding of the cliches in the genre. If made intentionally, it's basically a commentary on the genre/culture and society. Making something lazily and without care is not a way to go.

You can also skip the intentional part and do something that could lead to so bad it's good experience.

You can treat your art as a sponge and soak it with all your internal goo. The uncontrolled by standards and conventions towel of creativity will be a great manifestation of love. Which might happen if your soul does not converge with the mainstream world.

Playable, but with just the right amount of annoying to be a "so bad" game.

Fitting artstyle (only the style of early 3D games from inside cereal boxes wold be better).

So it's a good (bad) game for this jam :)

I've tried it a few times and the only screen that works is the tittle screen before the game crashes. 5 STARS on the bad side!

Needs some more gameplay though.

Hm... it's kinda good game design ^^ And I love pico.

Looks tiiiny bit cheap, but not cheap enough. Not enough on the bad side. it's too well designed.

So it's just so good it's good :P.

It's bad, playably bad, but kinda boring after 3 minutes of shooting these drones ^^.

CARROTs are better then the TOEs.