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sorry for the late reply I just saw this ;-; thank you I'm so glad you enjoyed it <3

He's always where you least expect him!

thank you! :)

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Thank you so much for playing!

 My initial prototype used the mouse to control the camera but it felt very shaky at times which is why I changed it to keyboard controls, but I'll definitely continue playing around with mouse controls and see how I can fit it into the game! Thanks so much for the feedback ♡

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Play as a puppy and jump through the clouds to find your owner! Inspired by one of my favourite songs, You are the Sunshine of My Life is an atmospheric 3D platformer game about a puppy's love for its owner. Collect flowers and make your way towards the sun while reliving the memories of a dog and its owner.

Play through the game once to unlock a special "challenge" mode that may or may not feature a chicken ☼  hope you enjoy!

(if you enjoy this game, feel free to check out my other works too! ♡)

glad dog made u happi

Hello! This is just to let you know that a newer version of the game has been uploaded with clearer instructions and gameplay, as well the camera fix you requested! Feel free to check it out when you have time ♡

Hi! Thanks so much for the feedback <3 I'm currently working on a newer version that has bug fixes and clearer gameplay; I will definitely include the camera fix! Thanks so much for playing and feel free to check back Sunday or Monday to see the new update!

you are the sunshine of my scythe


Thanks for playing! glad you enjoyed it <3

Thanks so much for playing! <3

Hey!! Thanks so much for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!