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thanks for your comment. I had a lot of feedback during development asking to implement a way to stack/store items, but for me it's part of the theme ^^. In most RPG games, the player is always selling lots of crap to every shopkeeper, and it has no consequences. I wanted to show kind of a "behind the scene" of what the shopkeeper has to endure everyday.
I may improve that for a post-jam version, I'll put that on my list.
yeah, a last minute bug with the potion can make the last level possible without the last craft :/

Very nice game, I love the panicking animation and the destructible objects.
Having harder enemies after some level is very cool, it surprised me and got me more focused.

It's not very clear if a bullet is going to hit you or not, that made dodging difficult to me, and the attack animation feels a bit slow but other than that it's fun to play.

glad you enjoyed it, some of the art were placeholder sprites I never had time to upgrade, and I'm not an artist at all.

there is a last minute bug with the potion during fight, it made the game easier (in all but one case) and allow you to finish it without all the crafts, which shouldn't be possible normally.

Very nice little game, it feels very hard at the beginning, but after 4-5 try the difficulty is very nice, not too easy, not too hard.
The art is very nice too, I wish there was more levels to play.

glad you liked it, my original idea included only the shop part, with a very basic animation during the night and full random loot.

Then I thought about the hero part, and I wasn't sure if it was worth the time invested, but it became the part of the game I spent the most time on. 

Yes, there is only 1-2 new recipes per level, and at some point you have to farm an item to get to the next level, so it's just waiting for 2-3 days.
I had the idea to make a fast forward button to solve all fights without render, but as the game isn't too long, I spent my time on more levels.

Thanks, I'm not an artist at all, and I had no idea how it looks for someone who didn't spent a week on it. Some asset were planned to be updated, but I choose to add more levels first and I ran out of time. ( The Hero sprite was just a placeholder that I never removed)

I was worried about the clarity of the goal and progression, the game doesn't help you a lot and you have to discover how it works.

glad you enjoyed it, I was planning to work on the items pickup but I ran out of time. The area was even smaller at the beginning and I increased it once but that was not enough apparently. 

Very nice idea, but it feels very hard. I grinded a lot in the meadows until having 2 leather armor piece, only to get killed by a 2 monsters in the next region.

equipment doesn't last long, and is super expansive considering how hard it is to earn money.

sometime RNG only allowed me to buy a knife and a bread to go back,
some other time i encounter 3 cow and bring back 20 coins, but even then that trip costed me 10 coin ton start with (1-2 knifes, 1-2 bread).

I really want to see more of this map, but the initial grind is feeling slow.

Damn, i found it, i inverted a 0 an a 1 on the last minute code i did ^^. Time to learn how to compile a patch with Godot.
The game check if the hero has potion, but try to use it from the rock, so hero never runs out of potion and can't die...
btw, you can kill it with 1 bomb, but this bug may appear elsewhere.
i think i didn't notice because hero can use potion between fight too, so even if he goes to -3, he can resurrect.

small rock from level 3? or the one with lots of crystals in the last level?
it's very strange, the small rock cannot be hurt with the level 1 sword, only with bomb or level 2 sword, but all Melee monsters should at least do 1 damage to the Hero. As the the big crystals one, it has a base attack of 7. i may have messed up something when debugging the use of potion during fight the last day.

do you remember wich ennemy it was? i hadn't time to test again some levels after the last changes i did to the combat system.

for the items, i already improved it once, but it was on my todo list when i ran out of time.

Hello everyone, as the deadline approach, i started thinking about license and i have never done that.

I've started looking around and i think i quite like WTFPL .

What license (if any) are you using for your project?
is there any restrictions from the Game Jam Rules? (i didn't found anything)

anyway, good luck everyone for the last hours

(sorry for my English)

Nice game, cute graphics, simple and relaxing

i may succed to compile it for windows on my other pc, maybe tommorow

Time out, i managed to handle map_gen this night, but some problems cames out with unit upgrading

My first 7DRL, first complete(maybe) game.

It's a turn based strategy game, you controll a team of four character and have to kill all ennemies in each level to go to the next.

11h30 left to finish, still some content unimplemented .

Screenshots comming soon.