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More people need to know about this game! It’s awesome! I am 100% invested in my space foodtruck business. It feels like running an actual food truck… in space.

Great animations, transitions, gameplay loop, music, humor, and artwork! Really nice job! The only downside is that there is no easy way to keep building on the current game due to ZZT limitations. I needs moreeeee!!!!

This program is amazing! Well done on building it within the memory constraints and having a super creepy blue guy.

I found a beat:


It’s kind of hypnotic after a while. I found that DL makes a soft pop sound, and A can be used as a kind of snare drum sound.

That was tense! Playing with a track pad and trying to quickly get through certain parts of the game only to see the checkpoint move filled me with literal hopelessness…

A super simple concept executed really well. Great game, keep up the good work!

Great game! I love the idea of using the flashlight against the ghosts. I ended up without being able to see my character, cursor or battery by the end… Awesome concept!

I absolutely love this game, and I love your approach to programming. You are a big part of the Pico-8 community and you obviously put a lot of time and care into the games and video tutorials you create. Please keep up the excellent work!

This game is AWESOME!!!

Love the artwork and the way the whole game is framed in the train carts.

Thank you! Artwork is not my strong suit. I’ve been working at it and it’s nice to know it’s paying off!

I was going to try a very similar idea for my Trijam entry, but you implemented it better! I would love to play the finished version of this.

Nice relaxing puzzle game. I like the parralax backgrounds!

How is sorting packages this tense? Why hasn’t this Post Office got any lights?!?! Great game, I enjoyed it a lot! Well done

Love the sound of this as the fireworks go off. Very calming to play.

I liked this game a lot! Very fast paced. Plus, trucks are cool ;)

This game is awesome! Love the art style, and the gameplay is a nice challenge.

Loved the idea! Reminded me of World Of Guns. Nice game!

Glad you enjoyed the game!

I agree with you about the overlapping boxes. I had it on the list of fixes but couldn’t get it done before the 3 hours were up.

I came up with a ton of ideas after the 3 hour time limit. So maybe there will be a sequel?…

Thank you! Pico-8 is perfect for creating a game in 3 hours. I'm glad you enjoyed playing it.

Thank you! Glad you liked playing playing my game!

This is a cool game! Great concept, well done!

Awesome game! Very polished for a 3 hour build, well done!

This game is AWESOME! Not enough well made stealth games! Love the graphics, gameplay makes me feel like a hacker from a 90's movie, and the story is excellent! Emotionally invested in an '@' and 'X'. The cutscene in the quarantine area is really well done! More people need to play this game!

Awesome game! Loved the atmosphere and the music. Puzzles were very clever!

Awesome game! I love the modernised raycasting look and the controls feel great. Really well done!

Really nice game with an important and well delivered message. I really liked it! Thanks for making and sharing the game.

I'm afraid I don't have Discord or Slack, but I am always creeping around on here! I'll give you a follow to keep up with what your making.

Thank you for the positive feedback! Glad you enjoyed playing!

The game feels good! The jump mechanic is very satisfying. I would say that the next addition is a score counter and a sound effect for letting the player know when they collide with the enemy.

A solid feeling foundation you have made!

Great game! Controls feel really smooth for sailing around! I would love to hear some sea shanty music in this!