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Well, this is my 19th game posted on itch.  Flying Saucers are more appropriate for Halloween than Christmas, so I am glad to get posted before Oct. 31st.

The game is modern 3D arcade style with roots in Space Invaders and  Galaga.  The player does not have to get to the end of the game to have the best weapons, but they may be limited in amount.  The game is 20 levels of 4x4 square maps that the player must clear, with increasing difficulty for higher levels.  With a modern computer, the frame rate is clamped to 33fps, otherwise it would exceed this substantially.

As I wrote the game and played it, I was glad to see emergent strategy of play that goes beyond Galaga.  It was fun to develop!

The game is here on itch at this address:

KKS is a strategy/puzzle game.  When spheres contact each other, or are shot by the player, they collapse in the process contributing their volume preferentially to nearby spheres, which then grow and potentially go on to contact etc...  The idea is to collapse all the spheres before running out of ammunition.  The player can also place blue spheres at the player location.

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I have deleted  the email from the post.

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I don't recall my email being in the games.

Ok.  I look forwards to it!

I was considering charging less for these games before I had them struck.  I suppose there is no reason not to put them up for free.  Perhaps it will draw attention to my paid games.  I will try taking your advice.

As far as the interview goes, I would need to be interviewed by email, so I can type my replies to your questions.


Hey Ighost,

Over the holidays my Mum suggested that I raise prices, so I did.  I am hoping Enforcer Manifesto can compete at the new price.  At the old prices all I made was $60.00 gross.  Yet it took years and years to create the game engine, etc.  I am a little nervous that 45 bucks is too much, but I think EM is as interesting/fun as a game you would buy in the store for $50.

You are right, I struck Seeing Dreams and Schizophrenia Five from my profile.  They were an early effort and they had some design issues with frame rate, and continuous playability.

I appreciate your interest.  Take care.

The game is a beat the clock abstract racing game, a sort of down hill skiing metaphor in 3 dimensions.   The terrain is created with my own 3d model editor.  The game, likewise, is running on my own compiler and game engine.  This effectively keeps down bugs in the game and reduces production time, and gives the game "reach".

Link to the game page:

"E-Marble" is a puzzle game involving a marble and some interesting mathematical terrain.  The mouse controls the camera and the keyboard controls the gravity direction vector, so all your fingers are at work to solve the marble puzzles.

One tenth earth gravity jeep race with ramps.  9 race tracks.

Available here:

Should I blow my own horn?

I suffer from paranoid schizie and my games frequently have psychotic themes and delusional content.

I am still a competent programmer and I am told I am cognitively intact.    I have my own compiler and game engine (The Wade CAGE).

My games are here:

A simple jab and kick fighting game.

I Locust Drone is a leap-motion game.  You manage a drone's attempt to reach the surface of the planet and intercept newly arrived aliens there.  There are some dangerous spirits between your drone and your goal, which you must shoot to secure your passage.

Hey Durdge-o,

I appreciate the support!  It helps me forge on.

I write games that I like and I hope you like them too.

This is a compilation of many games adopting 1980's themes.  

Computing power is relatively so great that these old games can be adapted in just a day or two, and broadened out at the same time.

Tripliss anyone? It's in there.

Mouse alone input.  Enter key to skip clip.

The link to the game page:

Thanks Ighost for your interest in my games.

I have put my games back to published status.


I asked for requests from friends about what game to write.  I got requests for "Space Taxi",  "Zork", and "Ultima".

Right on!  

Fly a jet lander module through the ruins of the ancient Zewkistan.   Fire grenades and rockets at monsters.  Collect all the treasures to finish the game.  This involves exploring the many caves beneath the surface.