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New Game Plus... basically you start the game over harder but you keep your experience and powerups

10 is the last one... then it continues to NG+

Thanks for the feedback!  The difficulty is supposed to increase steadily for the first 100 bosses, after that, it's all random chance.

I added the power bar for cases where you would get stuck in a boss and not making progress even with infinite continues.

How far did you get?

Thanks for the feedback!  The bosses themselves are procedurally generated.

Unfortunately I had to deactivate it here on for reasons... but you can still play it on the pico8 forums/splore:

Thanks for playing, Yoritoshi!

Some of it was deliberate, but the feeling of tedium is definitely not...  I'll add an arrow pointing towards your next objective if it's taking too long to find.

Thanks for playing it and for you comment, Sprawl!  A lot of people have requested a hint arrow to point at the exit (and boss and last few pickups) so I'll be experimenting with adding that in the near term.  Stay tuned!

Yeah, that's been suggested by a bunch of people in twitter, I'll probably add a hint arrow soon.  Thanks for playing, Sambi!

Thanks for playing and for your comment, SWalrus!  Check out my other pico8 games, you might like them!

Nicely written... and even more, this analysis fits in two tweets!  :)

100% agreed!

Kind of like pay-to-win.... this game experience is all about spin-to-win!

Thanks Andrew!  And thanks for hosting the jam, I joined late but it was a lot of fun!

There are no apples in this game!  :)

Seriously though, thanks for your comment and especially for the bug report, I'll look into it in the near future.  And make more levels while at it!  ;)

Thanks for playing and recording it!  :)

Awesome video, Joseph!  Thanks for recording it and sharing it!

Yeah, it's unfortunate but you'll have to hook up two controllers to play.   Another option is to play the second player on the keyboard (I think it's 'esdf' for directions and 'q' and 'w' for the main buttons.  This is kinda how pico8 works.

And yeah, the game is designed to be local multiplayer only.  Online is a whole different deal of infrastructure .

I generally use a snes iBuffalo controller.  Love that controller.

Excellent... hope you had fun playing it!  Cheers!

Glad you liked it so much, Stavros!  :)

Thanks a lot for your comments, review and video, Sebastian!  It all helps to get more people to play it for sure!  Also, check out my other games as well, hopefully you'll find them as interesting as this one.  Cheers!

Glad to see people appreciating the good chunky pixels of old!  ;)

It is the final boss... but you still have to do something else to get to the end screen!  :)

I was doing some tweetcart experiments and accidentally did a divide-by-zero which crashed the app.  pico-8 handles this quietly,  which IMO is a double edged sword, but a run-time error would be fine I think.



...and 100%!  good job, man!

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback, Hob!  I'm glad you enjoyed the game and yeah, look forward to hear what you think of my other games.  :)

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback, Rando!  Glad you enjoyed the game!  :)

once you get a sense of where the goals are, it should get easier!  keep at it!  :)

Thanks for your nice comment, Jeux!  And thanks for playing!

Thanks for your feedback, Keero!  The player has a really small hit box, which might be what you're experiencing.  Either that or that your side-kick ships don't really get damaged unless they become the main ship (effectively acting as lives stock).  Hope that makes sense.  Thanks for playing the game and I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Glad you enjoyed it!  Thanks for playing it!

Thanks!  Glad you're enjoying it!

Glad you're enjoying the game, Sciman101!  Feel free to post your best score when you finish it!

keep at it... eventually you'll have enough fire power to overcome it  :)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and for your comment, der_r!  Glad you enjoyed it!

Watched this last night!  Very entertaining run!  I noticed you didn't realize dash gives you temporary invulnerability until the last boss, knowing that should make further runs easier.  Thanks a lot for playing the game and recording the run!

Thanks Egor!  Glad you liked it!  :)

what device are you using?  if you're on a PC mashing z and/or x should do it.

Thanks for writing such a good detailed feedback, ThrashCaptain!

The more I think about your idea of making boss fights work like checkpoints the more I like it, token count willing I'll try implementing that in the near future.  My thought initially was that restarting at the very beginning was a natural time punishment for dying, but getting a checkpoint as a reward for destroying a boss sound like a good reward for the time invested on it.

As for your the other case, I noticed the flaw when I was developing it, but thought it wouldn't be as prominent as this only happens in one room.  I'll try fixing that as well somehow.

Thanks again and definitely check out my other games here on, would be great to hear what you think about those too.  :)


Glad you're enjoying the game, Bob!  You're latest speedrun time (less than 4 mins) is truly impressive.  Have you considered recording it on youtube?  That would be cool to see.  :)