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Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback, Rando!  Glad you enjoyed the game!  :)

once you get a sense of where the goals are, it should get easier!  keep at it!  :)

Thanks for your nice comment, Jeux!  And thanks for playing!

Thanks for your feedback, Keero!  The player has a really small hit box, which might be what you're experiencing.  Either that or that your side-kick ships don't really get damaged unless they become the main ship (effectively acting as lives stock).  Hope that makes sense.  Thanks for playing the game and I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Glad you enjoyed it!  Thanks for playing it!

Thanks!  Glad you're enjoying it!

Glad you're enjoying the game, Sciman101!  Feel free to post your best score when you finish it!

keep at it... eventually you'll have enough fire power to overcome it  :)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and for your comment, der_r!  Glad you enjoyed it!

Watched this last night!  Very entertaining run!  I noticed you didn't realize dash gives you temporary invulnerability until the last boss, knowing that should make further runs easier.  Thanks a lot for playing the game and recording the run!

Thanks Egor!  Glad you liked it!  :)

what device are you using?  if you're on a PC mashing z and/or x should do it.

Thanks for writing such a good detailed feedback, ThrashCaptain!

The more I think about your idea of making boss fights work like checkpoints the more I like it, token count willing I'll try implementing that in the near future.  My thought initially was that restarting at the very beginning was a natural time punishment for dying, but getting a checkpoint as a reward for destroying a boss sound like a good reward for the time invested on it.

As for your the other case, I noticed the flaw when I was developing it, but thought it wouldn't be as prominent as this only happens in one room.  I'll try fixing that as well somehow.

Thanks again and definitely check out my other games here on itch.io, would be great to hear what you think about those too.  :)


Glad you're enjoying the game, Bob!  You're latest speedrun time (less than 4 mins) is truly impressive.  Have you considered recording it on youtube?  That would be cool to see.  :)

Glad you do!  :)

Thanks a lot, leaf!  And thanks for making it a featured game on the homepage!  :D

It's an original song I wrote in the pico8 tracker

Thanks a lot for covering it, Jupi!  Looks like you got the hang of the game play pretty quickly.

Yes!  Hectic Action!  Thanks for playing!


Thanks a lot for your nice words, Kai!  Glad you liked it!

Thanks a lot for your feedback!  I'm glad you enjoyed playing the game!

Thanks for your feedback, Crowno!  Glad you enjoyed playing the game. Once you get the hang of it, finishing it should only take a few minutes.

Thanks or you feedback, Chimera!  Try not to miss the red enemies, they give you permanent health/power upgrades which makes killing enemies faster.

Very Stylish!  Awesome Music!  My only thing is that I kept trying to do tank controls for some reason... not sure why.  Probably can get used to it after playing a while.  Great job!

I hear ya, Chaoseed!  My wife also got stuck in that part a good while.  A little tip I can give you is to take your time, lure the shield guys out and hover shoot their heads from the distance.  Hope that helps.

Thanks for playing it and thanks for your other comments too.  It's a short game so I hope you get to be able to finish it.  :)

A little self-plug here:

Not scary or anything, but it has a spooky theme with a huge influence from old-school Ghosts and Goblins and Lil' Satan is its main protagonist:


Made in Pico-8 for this year's AGBIC jam.

Thanks for your comment, phantom!  To be honest, I swapped those two levels in the middle of development because it made more thematic sense.  I might go back in there and rearrange the enemies a bit in the 3rd level.

Thanks again for the feedback!  I truly appreciate it!  :D

Not really sure... but whenever I see Chrome acting weird for a while I kill it and make sure all its processes are dead before re-launching it.

That's strange... what browser are you using?  I'm running it on Chrome and I can't really tell a big difference between here and Pico-8's site.

Thanks for the nice comment!  I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

doog tnemmoc

Achievements and stuff sound like interesting ideas.

As for a Steam release, sorry to disappoint but that won't happen any time soon to be honest, maybe in a very very distant future.

Thanks for playing, batmobilly!  Make sure to play my other games here on itch.io!


Thanks for your comment @Delca, I agree with your comment about redoing the start of the level. My plan is to redesign the cave so that you can take different routes from the beginning to get to the different targets.

yeah, that was my plan but I ran out of space in the pico-8 cart.

is it me you're looking for?


Thanks man! I'm glad you liked it!

yeah, I see your point... the pico-8 palette is very limited so there's not a whole lot I can do... I think that once you know that only pink and green can hurt you it should be fine