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Achievements and stuff sound like interesting ideas.

As for a Steam release, sorry to disappoint but that won't happen any time soon to be honest, maybe in a very very distant future.

Thanks for playing, batmobilly!  Make sure to play my other games here on itch.io!


Thanks for your comment @Delca, I agree with your comment about redoing the start of the level. My plan is to redesign the cave so that you can take different routes from the beginning to get to the different targets.

yeah, that was my plan but I ran out of space in the pico-8 cart.

is it me you're looking for?


Thanks man! I'm glad you liked it!

yeah, I see your point... the pico-8 palette is very limited so there's not a whole lot I can do... I think that once you know that only pink and green can hurt you it should be fine

They're randomly generated at the start of each level. I'm glad you like it!

excellent, pico-8 is awesome!

thank you for your feedback... just curious, how far did you get?

it's made using pico-8

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Yeah, I apologize for not adding proper instructions... I just had to upload it in a hurry as I was traveling out of town. I'll add them later tonight when I get some spare time.

It does ramp up in difficulty by throwing more flower types at you and it becomes a bit faster gradually over time. It still needs some cosmetic work here and there though. Please don't hesitate to give more feedback, though! Thanks!

edit: removed instructions from here and added them to the game's description text.