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Thibaud Goiffon

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Hey :) glad you liked it!
Indeed, it's not really designed to be too challenging.

More or less : ) I like tonal sounds

does it prevent the game to open?
(I can run the .exe locally)

It's all there, but a few additions (visual feedback, UI and some gameplay tweaks) would greatly enhance your game!

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Very cute game! I really liked the simplicity of the gameplay, it's like play testing for a friend.
Very "meta" for some mechanics to be buggy at some points : )

Very nice puzzle game!

The main mechanics are very enjoyable!

Perhaps the introduction of a few more mechanisms earlier on (e.g. the trap) or other hazards could add a little spice.

The atmosphere is really great!

Even with the limited colors, I felt uncomfortable in the dark places, it was such a relief to see these bright places appear in the distance.

I couldn't get below 80-70 orbs, but I'm sure some hardcore gamers will be delighted :P

The controls are nice, but it's sometimes hard to judge the jumps.

The intro is pretty good! is it made in engine?
The game has a good ambiance, and I really like the color tones! : )

Thanks : )

Unfortunately, you can't change it in-game :/ though you should be able to change it temporarily in your system settings.

Very nice game, simple but good execution, I like the fact you added a multiplayer option. Could easily be a mini game from a party game :) 

I think it really depends on your mouse sensitivity :/ maybe tweaking it would help you.

Hey :) thanks!

I'm really sorry for the credits, I'll fix it right away! The game was done under a week for a game jam, we rushed to finish it last minute.

I've put the correct format in the itch description and in-game

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Thanks for your review and video :)! we were debating on the game's future, so who knows!

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It's the same in all the levels (20  seconds)

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Hey, thanks! about the camera, not really, I'm used to high sensitivity cursors, but it may not be to everyone's taste :/.

A very original entry.

I think it's a little confusing that the word you use sometimes describes an action and other times an object.

If you make it a full game: I feel it would be nice if the game could recognize multiple answers (ex: flag and goal)

it shows that a lot of care was put into it.

Hey :) thanks!
It's with a light shader, it's very similar to this one : but without rim light and the shadows are sampled on a gradient.

I fixed the gear issue as it is a friction issue :) so it should be ok now

for the other bugs :/ yeah, physic is always uncertain at a certain extent, you're right, we should add a auto restart based on time

Do you remember where it happened :)?

Godot :)

Yeah :/ i've only made export in glb, I can't test other formats.

Don't forget to rate the asset if it was useful :)!

Here we go! I made 3 different phases for the jump animation, (Before jumping, falling, and touching the ground). I hope it fits your needs!

Hey :)! Glad you like it, I'm doing those in my free time, I'm a bit overwhelmed right now but I sure can do so in a quieter period.

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No :/ the animation was done in Blender for the preview, I only exported the mesh. I recommend animating it in-game for better movement (Because you will have to displace some UV  for the trail)

Good concept and well executed game ! :)