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Hey Yeena, thank you for playing our game, it's always nice to see another room escape fan suffering through puzzles(and math:D). But mostly, thank you so much for summoning people here to press us to release the game. Well we have been developing the game,  all the screenshots of different rooms you  mentioned are indeed from the actual game. We are just really really really slow because we have full time jobs... but good news is, it's currently at the final stage, and we are positive that we can release the game this year!

Thanks for trying the game out! We are definitely going to change the math puzzle based on all the feedback. I know it's been a long time but we are slowly finishing the full version of the game.

Right now you can't save the progress because there's only 1 room, once more rooms are added you'll be able to save the progress.

Thank you for playing our game, we are really glad that you enjoyed it, new stages will be out soon, we are sure you'll like the new puzzles!

I know it's just a short opening but I think it really has a nice vibe, I can totally feel with the main character. A story with much potential, keep up the good work!

Thanks for the cool let's play video! We are so glad that people can still find and enjoy this demo, we have to post an update!

More rooms are on the way with more challenging puzzles!

Thank you for playing our game, yes, more rooms are on the way!

They are somehow related to the TV:-)

Glad you like it!

Thank you! We promise that more rooms are on the way!

Hey, thank you for making this let's play video, very fun to watch! We didn't realize that the title was that scary, now we are considering to modify it, we like to scare players during the game but not before:D

Thank you Mister! More rooms of this game will come soon!

I love a game that you can just pick up and play! Also to get high scores there are some trial and errors, many sudden deaths from those big bad guys around the corner which you need to use powerful ammo to kill. It would be great to have a mini-map, but this is already nicely done!

Hi Break2fast, thank you for playing the game and the nice feedback and suggestions!

And keep making those cool let's play videos:-)

Hi GhostRi, good suggestion about the sound effects, we are trying to get some funding to polish the music and sound effects. We'll probably remove all the narration and focus on the art design of the story telling clues, we hope this would make the story telling part of the game deeper and more interesting. Thank you so much for the great suggestions!

This is some really valuable feedback. We are seriously considering removing the narration now that several players have suggested this, and yes we'll definitely change the fonts in future versions. We are very glad that you like the puzzles, we'll try our best to make the puzzles in later stages even better!

Thank you Foehamner for the feedback and playthrough! We'll definitely add a tutorial about the camera interaction, so sorry about your suffering!

Hi Ingix,

Thank you so much for the valuable feedback!

The game was originally designed for mobile phone so that's why we naturally chose to use dragging instead of moving mouse to the edge to move the screen, but you are right about this and #4, we'll add a tutorial in the final version to explain all the necessary interactions.

Actually the math puzzle is intentionally designed that way as a kind of misdirection, right now we have players who found it to be no problem at all and players who got stuck because of it, we are doing more evaluation and the puzzle might change in the final version of the game.

The randomized password is to prevent players who already know the password(exactly, from walkthroughs and videos :P) from finishing the game too quickly before actually exploring the room, it's designed for this demo and again might be changed in the final version.

We'll look into the resolution issue and try to fix it in the next demo, thank you for letting us know!

Please continue to follow our updates and offer your feedback and insights!

Hi, thank you for playing our demo, amazing playthrough, and you actually got all the collectibles in the first run, wow! Thank you for the feedback, we'll definitely try to add more horror elements!

Hey Stephan, thanks for trying our demo, it's a very fun video, at first I thought you must've beat it when I saw you clicking through the puzzles, please don't hate me for being glad to see you got stuck after all:P Good point about that poster, other people mentioned it too, we've got to replace that, like right away.