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Hi Ingix,

Thank you so much for the valuable feedback!

The game was originally designed for mobile phone so that's why we naturally chose to use dragging instead of moving mouse to the edge to move the screen, but you are right about this and #4, we'll add a tutorial in the final version to explain all the necessary interactions.

Actually the math puzzle is intentionally designed that way as a kind of misdirection, right now we have players who found it to be no problem at all and players who got stuck because of it, we are doing more evaluation and the puzzle might change in the final version of the game.

The randomized password is to prevent players who already know the password(exactly, from walkthroughs and videos :P) from finishing the game too quickly before actually exploring the room, it's designed for this demo and again might be changed in the final version.

We'll look into the resolution issue and try to fix it in the next demo, thank you for letting us know!

Please continue to follow our updates and offer your feedback and insights!