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That was a real nice experience, thanks for making this! (Although one little aspect of the very end stumped me for a while, I had the correct idea but a tiny part escaped me).

Definitely worth it, tipped just because it is so high quality! Buying this to learn from it rather than use it directly (I think), but thanks a lot!

Never got around to making it a paid project, but would like to offer

for that collection of free games. Thank you for doing this!

Extremely funny! Very cool idea and great execution! Super good job, plus cats, who can argue :D

As always, such a cool concept, and such a lovely, lovely execution! Really looking forward to seeing this one expanded on for the BIFFF. You really got something cool on your hands! And doing a game jam together is definitely something I'll bother you with in the near future! :p

Intro : A+; use of Godot : A+ :D Too bad you had some engine-related troubles and couldn't get the last few mechanics in! But as soon as you can retaliate, this will be super fun I believe!

Malgré les petits couacs techniques, le thème est vraiment super, et l'identité du jeu a l'air très très sympa! J'espère que vous arriverez à régler les quelques soucis de maniabilité, mais bravo pour votre travail!

Such an off-the-wall idea :D Very hard though, but very fun! That munching planet is way more stressful than it has any right to be! Still haven't managed to win, but really had fun trying! (but now I crave pizza T_T )

Franchement bravo! Non seulement le thème est vraiment sympa, mais le matériel est déjà léché, avec beaucoup d'humour, et ça donne envie de voir une version "finalisée". L'intégration avec le PC marche super, c'est excellent de ne pas savoir exactement ce que le PC va venir mettre comme grain de sel! Chapeau en tous cas :)

Real, real impressive use of the oft-maligned Unity physics :p It was super cool to chat about it, and kind of you to show how you did it! The game is really a joyous experience (which you might not have thought when mixing comets and dinosaurs :D). Congrats!

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Merci mille fois! Et perso je suis impressionné par la quantité de modes & co que vous avez su implémenter pour Crumble :o Après avoir fait les scènes à la main, ça m'a fait rêver votre éditeur de niveau :p

Haha thanks :D But don't worry, it doesn't hurt~~ (right?)

Yeah Sorry about that! This game, having been made at a game jam, still suffers from a lot of issues. The letting go of items is fairly hit and miss unfortunately :(

Thanks! Still a few bugs, but hopefully you have a bit of fun :)

Hi! The game is made in Unity :)