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A member registered Jan 19, 2017

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The music was really nice for this game, gotta love Sakura Sakura. Having the game keep track of your best score was a nice touch too, gave you some motivation to play more.

The attack animation was sluggish, I think speeding it up would feel better. I was also able to kill enemies that were clearly out of range of my sword. That part could use some work.

With some work on the graphics and maybe some additional features this could be a pretty fun game.

I really liked the art style in this game. Clean, simple, and stylish. The parallax background looked nice and the effect when the blue guys die was cool too. It could have used some sound effects for walking, jumping, shooting, and enemy death. Some background music would have been nice too.

When I jumped in one of the pits the player doesn't die, you keep moving left/right off screen. Having the player respawn at the beginning of the level would have fixed that. When I was directly behind the box in the beginning of the level the projectile goes through and over the box, which felt a little buggy.

It would be cool to see this game develop into something more after the jam!

The demo was pretty cool, would be interested in playing the final product!

Really fun game!

Posted in Bug reports

I'm trying to run Raft on Ubuntu 14.04 but the game will not start.

When I double click on V1.04_Raft_LinuxUniversal.x86_64 a Raft Configuration window is opened that let's me choose resolution and graphics quality. When I click OK the window closes and nothing happens. When I double click V1.04_Raft_LinuxUniversal.x86 instead, nothing happens at all.

I'm sorry if this is a problem on my end and has nothing to do with the game. Any help would be appreciated.