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As other people already mentioned, it's very annoying to play on a QWERTZ keyboard. Apart from that, a very nice idea!

I like the idea, but the game feels a bit too easy. I had to get to 100 score before it became even remotely challenging.

Note to self: lock the meat box next time before it starts jumping around again.

Looks good, but I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. Maybe a bit more of a tutorial would help.

Not a fan of the art style, but the ordering puzzles are pretty fun to solve.

7/10 - would blow up slug eggs into my face again

Dayum, I love the idea. I really like how you literally yeet a tree into lower earth orbit and a new one comes crashing back down.

If I'd have to improve some things, I'd tone down the DoF blur a bit as well as make the controls a bit less stiff and unresponsive.

Thank you, we're glad you liked it

Thank you. We sadly didn't have anyone with animation experience on our team, so we decided to just cut the proper animations completely. There were some particle effects planned for sweeping up the leaves, but time constraints said no to the idea.

Some visual/audio feedback once you catch a fish would be nice.

One of the best entries I've tried so far and probably the only one that actually made me feel cozy. Great work!

The controls feel very floaty.

Loving how everyone starts literally flipping out when you finish the game

Looks like an amazing start. I liked the graphics and the voice acting.

How I would improve the game:

  • Add antialiasing to smooth out the jagged edges
  • Some objects could do with black outlines
  • Post processing with some color grading could make the art pop even more

Jokes aside, nice game, feels fun to play, just the level design felt a bit constricting.

Nice art style, but the jigsaw puzzle pieces are very hard to distinguish one from another. Also the main screen doesn't really tell you much what to do, so I just had to click around at random.

Why does everyone just stand around while you do the fighting? Why do we neatly stack the tables in a corner instead of barricading the doors or something? Nice art style though.

Loving the visuals and the unique raking mechanics. It's very hard though.

Dayum, for a simple puzzle game such as this, Leafee sure is hard. But that's what good puzzle games are like :)

I love how the reset button yeets the old pumpkin off the stump and just drops in a new one

The WebGL version has some embeding issues, but overall a nice and cozy idea.

Very fun, but also very hard. Having a way to restart a level after inevitably failing it without going to the main menu would be nice.

Loving the rather deep progression, though it would be nice if with stronger swords/armor, there would also be stronger enemies, since the sword dudes become a non issue somewhere in the middle of the sword progression.

Great job for an RPG roguelite made in a week, I'm very impressed.

Pretty sure I had an impossible jump, because the arrow always timed right when the moving platform arrived :(

Nice bullethell, took me a while to realize where the shop was, the amount of spawns is definitely too big for a pistol alone.

The itch pages shows the build is supposed to be for all OSes, but it's actually only for windows.

Heavy Stanley's Parable vibes, I'm loving it.

Nice game idea and execution, though my framerate was rather terrible when there were a lot of particles on screen (even though my 3060ti should really be able to handle it).

For roughly 1 and a half hours as of this post, I'll be live over at playing and rating games live. Feel free to tune in and submit your own games. As I prefer the people whose games I play to be hanging out in the chat, I will prioritize the games that are posted after this post. Feel free to repost your game if I haven't played it in the previous stream.

Thanks everyone for submitting, but we are done for today. Next such stream will be on Thursday at roughly the same time. Hope to see you there!

Interesting concept which chaotic very fast.

I had some trouble with the controls, as I was often getting stuck on stuff, but apart from that nice and fun game.

Not a fan of the floaty controls honestly, but I do understand why they were chosen.

Looks nice, but for the life of me I can't figure out what am I supposed to do.

Fun game to play, the mouse sensitivity is insane for some reason and the beautifully detailed turret is starkly contrasted by the completely empty world, which I'm not a fan of.

One of the most original ideas I've seen so far and gets chaotic and hard very fast.

Interesting game, but lacks some readability. There's no sound/visual cues to know if the attacks connected or not, which makes knowing what's going on rather hard.

Looks nice, but takes a while to get to the chaos part. Once the delay between ball spawns gets small enough, it gets way more fun to play.

Interesting idea, making a game about literal garbage

In WebGL in firefox only the HUD displays, but the game doesn't for some reason.

Hands down one of the best games of the jam!